Friday, August 05, 2016

Woe to the Bloody City!

"Woe to the bloody city, all lies, full of plunder, whose looting never stops!" Nahum 3:1

This was written by the prophet Nahum more than 2600 years ago about Nineveh, which was the most famous capital of the Assyrian Empire. Where is Nineveh today? Where are its walls and fortifications and palaces built for Kings? It is in the suburbs of Mosul, Iraq. Just as the prophet predicted, it was destroyed in 612 B.C. Today, its ancient walls and gates, the tomb of Jonah, preserved for thousands of years are being devastated anew by Isis. 

Today I think of the great cities of the world with its lies and plunder, where the looting never stops. I think of my country where murder is committed every day in the name of the war against drugs. The cries of the prophets are muted today. The church vilified because of its own sins. Lord, we know You are the God of justice and righteousness. You destroyed Nineveh, one of the greatest cities of its time. Just as Abraham pleaded for a city in his time, so we cry out to You for our country. Spare us O Lord! Help us turn to You so we may see Your face and You will heal our land! 


  1. Hi Patsy! I'm so amazed by your talent in painting. So blessed to have found you in one of the Filipino christian blog directories.

    Continue being a blessing! God bless you and May God bless and protect our country!

    My kindest regards,

  2. I join with you, dear sister, with your prayers for the precious Filipino people.
    Your painting is wonderful and so full of true emotion.
    Blessing hugs,


I am so glad you dropped by! You are a blessing!
:^) Patsy