Wednesday, August 10, 2016

WOYWW: Sowing Bountifully!

What's on my desk?
A picture of my mom. Why?

I am painting a portrait of her.
I promised this to my sister a year ago!!!
It's not even halfway finished!!!

"He who sows sparingly will reap sparingly, and he who sows bountifully will reap bountifully." 2 Corinthians 9:6

Not many businessmen will cite this principle 
as an important key for being successful in business. 
When I give talks about how to succeed in business, 
I always emphasize this fundamental truth. 
I have seen it work in our business. 
Next year we will be 50 years in business. 
I cannot claim it is because my mom 
had a remarkable business acumen. 
She used her common sense, she was industrious, 
she used the gifts God gave her. 
She certainly did not start with a lot of capital. 
She had none. 
As a matter of fact, when we were looking for a tagline 
for our 50th year, my sister came up with, "50 years of miracles!" 

My mom loved to give money to people to start their own businesses. 
When she died, people came up to me to tell me so, 
and I have witnessed it myself. 
When she dreamed of a factory in Bulacan, 
along with the dream was a row of apartments for the workers. 
Today, we continue her dream of helping others 
by trying to come up with livelihood for people who need it. 
God has certainly been faithful. 
My dad, my sisters, my brother and I who continue her legacy, 
are a bunch of people who enjoy designing, 
coming up with new products, 
and take no delight in the nitty gritty of business. 
But God who keeps His promises, 
continues to journey with us, and prospers the work of our hands! 

Father, Your ways are certainly different from ours, 
but we thank You for teaching us how to reap bountifully! 

Today we have 21 stores, soon to be 22 
when we open in SM Sucat next month.

This is our store in SM Taytay.
We opened in the beginning of this month.
God is so good!

Joining the lovely Julia Dunnit for a 
peek at desks and projects!

I find a lot of inspiration
visiting my friends here:



  1. I'm sure your sister will love her painting when you finish it hugs Nikki?

  2. A beautiful painting of your mum - what an amazing story of how she built up your shops and how thoughtful she was too.
    Hugs, LLJ 7 xx

  3. Your mum is a beautiful lady! Would love to see the portrait when finished. Lovely page with the hand - hands are so hard to draw, but you did great! Happy WOYWW! zsuzsa #24

  4. God is indeed good, Patsy. And Faithful. When we strive to walk His way He does not let us down and will not let us be put to shame.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #23

  5. Heartwarming and inspiring! I have always admired businesses with a heart. I never fail to get that small pinches in my heart whenever I hear business owners show concern, appreciation and dream for their employees.

    Wishing Papemelroti another meaningful, successful and the happiest 50 years!

    Your mom is surely smiling from heaven :)

  6. Your painting is already looking wonderful. Love the Bible inspiration for today. Congrats on 50 years in business. Blessings for a great WOYWW and terrific week! LisaDV #28

  7. Your mother sounds wonderful. God is good.
    April #32

  8. What a wonderful legacy your mother left to you. Beautiful bible art and the painting of your mom is turning out nicely. hugs, Teresa


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