Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Anger plus D equals Danger!

"Lord, should we order down fire from heaven to burn them up?" Luke 9:54
Jesus had two disciples 
by the name of James and John. They were brothers and Jesus had a special nickname for them, "Boanerges, which means Sons of Thunder" (Mark 3:17). They were aptly named for they had some thunder-like qualities like here in the 9th chapter of Luke, when they were angry at the Samaritans and wanted to destroy them with fire for a rebuff they had shown to Jesus. 
What was Jesus' reaction? He reprimanded them for their anger, their impetuosity. 

There are times when I feel so entitled that I get angry at perceived slights. One time I was even brought to the Barangay by our employee because I got so indignant. Another time a supplier said, "You weren't a Christian then, were you?" referring to the first time he came to see me! 

Just add the letter D to anger and it becomes danger. There's a well known story of a woman who said to Billy Sunday, a famous preacher, "There's nothing wrong if I lose my temper. I blow up and it's all over!" Mr. Sunday retorted, "So does a shotgun and look at the damage it leaves behind!" 

Lord, when I am angry, may I go to You first. May I tell you all my frustrations like David in the Psalms, so You can help me forgive whoever needs forgiving, even if it is myself. 

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