Wednesday, September 28, 2016

WOYWW: Trusting God

"God is wise in heart and mighty in strength; who has withstood Him and remained unscathed?" Job 9:4

Philippine President Duterte recently challenged the existence of God by asking, "When a one year old baby is taken from a mother's arms, brought under a jeep, to be raped and killed, where is God?" 

He is not the only one to ask why a good God allows rape, war, cancer, divorce, drought, fire, etc. Many a Christian have become atheist because of tackling this age old question of where God is in the midst of suffering. God is good. God is just. And He has also chosen to give man free will to choose to follow His ways or to go against it. Isn't it astounding that the Almighty God allows the President, or anyone at all, to question His existence, to challenge Him, or to shake a fist at Him?
But for those who choose to trust Him, He reserves the greatest treasures. Joy Tan-Chi Mendoza, in her book, "When a Good God Allows Rape" takes us with her on her difficult journey of healing and restoration. When she was merely 15 years old, armed men broke into their home while her parents were in a Bible Study. She and her younger siblings were tied up, while the men ransacked their home. The men also took turns raping Joy and her friends. 

"I came to God in desperation. My only option was to trust Him. My family and I made a faith-decision to believe there was a purpose and a reason for allowing something so horrifying," Joy shared. 20 years have passed and she has inspired and helped many through their own pains and sufferings. She is now married to Edric Mendoza, a wonderful man who serves the Lord generously, and they have 5 children she homeschools. 

Lord, when we go through difficult times, may we always trust in You and know You walk with us. May we not waver in our faith, knowing You always have a reason and a purpose for what happens to us. 

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