Wednesday, September 14, 2016

WOYWW: Nothing!

Starting out with Matthias Schoenaerts.
Did not know who he was before,
then I spent the past 4 days in bed 
with a bad cough and
came across this period piece,
"A Little Chaos".
It stars him and Kate Winslet
and is about a little part of the garden
of Versailles.

"He made Himself nothing..." Philippians2:7
How can we wrap our minds about this? That Jesus, omnipotent, mighty, eternal God of heaven and earth and all the universes that be, made Himself nothing? Why? How? When we, who are nothing but mud, cling to our entitlements, fight for all the rights we think we should have, and grasp for any power we can claim. Will we ever understand? 

Isn't God's way like that novel of Lewis Carroll, "Through the Looking Glass", where everything was upside down and when you moved forward, you went backwards. Jesus taught that to be great, we had to be last, we had to serve. It is in giving that we receive, and the more we give, the more we will have. But not money, or riches or fame, which are completely worthless as heaven's currency. To understand God's economy, we have to throw away what we know of how the world's finances are run! And if we want to be of any consequence in heaven, we have to follow the path of Jesus. Emptying ourselves of pride, selfishness, self-aggrandizement, and arrogance. 

Lord, help us to embrace Your Word, no matter how hard. Help us to be humble in serving, and more generous, especially with people who cannot repay us. 

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