Thursday, October 06, 2016

Ask and You shall Receive...

"Ask and you shall receive..." Luke 11:9
There have been many things I have asked from God that I received answers to. Sometimes the answer came right away, other times it took longer. And sometimes the answer was no. It is very much like what happens with our children. Sometimes we give them what they ask for. Other times we make them wait until the right time. Then there are times we put our foot down and say, "No way!" In the same way we want the absolute best for our children, God wants the best for us wholeheartedly and without question. 

Sometimes we pray about little things, like wanting to find something that's lost. A lot of times we pray about more important life changing heart breaking situations like a child who is into drugs, a marriage that needs restoration, financial debt, etc. We have to come before God knowing that nothing is bigger than Him. We should not leave our lives to chance. We should hem our marriage, our children, our work, our communities, our country, in prayer. 

I'm no expert but like everything in life, if we want to be good and effective in something, we have to practice, practice, practice. Lord, may my heart be right before You. Show me how to pray, how to share the burdens of my soul, and how to be grateful and recognize whatever way You choose to answer my prayers. 

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