Thursday, October 27, 2016

Put on the Armor of God!

"Put on the armor of God so you may be able to stand firm against the tactics of the devil." Ephesians 6:11
Yes, the devil, our arch enemy, hatches so many schemes against us that we are not aware of. Small petty strategies that could wear us down like water wore down the limestone formations in Coron and Halong Bay. Then of course there are the grand war games against us that is like a life-long chess game. 

I've been praying about my impatience for some time now. And so far I've won little battles against being impolite against telemarketers on the telephone. Sometimes I even amaze myself, but yesterday I lost it again! A Bayantel rep called on my cellphone to tell me that my telephone bill was paid. I was super annoyed. Really? I'm so busy and you call me on my cellphone to tell me that? Of what earthy use is that to me? You can imagine what I said to him and my tone of voice. I immediately regretted it, knowing that I lost this little war. 

I realize that behind all my physical struggles there lies the spiritual reality that the enemy is in a battle to win my soul. The enemy knows he can form many weapons against me but I don't know if he knows it's not going to prosper (Is. 54:17). I don't know if he knows we are victorious in Christ, that we can be made competent and effective by His Spirit. I don't know if the enemy knows that we have power and authority he will never have access to.  I don't know if he knows about our secret weapons, the full armor of God! It's not MY business to know what the enemy knows or not. I think it's more important that I be convinced about MY power in Christ, MY victory, MY authority. I need to know that even if I lose little battles, I am for sure going to win the war, because God is fighting for me! 



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