Friday, April 28, 2017

Nothing is Impossible

"Gather up the crusts that are left over so that nothing will go to waste." John 6:12

Huge crowds followed Jesus everywhere and if He was alive today, I have no doubt, that in this age of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, the crowds would be bigger than a World Youth Day gathering or a Kumb Mela pilgrimage. The question that Jesus put to Philip, "Where can we buy bread to feed all these people?" would then be an even more impossible proposition. Philip will not give the same answer "It would take a small fortune to feed them!" 

Sometimes we are faced with impossible situations. We do not understand why God allows it. Friends of mine, a young father, is in a coma. Of course, his wife, who stays home and homeschools their children, is thinking about where to get the money to pay for the medical expenses. If Jesus asks her, "How are you going to pay for the hospital bills, the professional fees of the specialists?" My friend would probably answer, her mind boggled, "I don't know. It would take a big fortune!" But my friend is part of a Christian community, and there are many "young boys" willing to share their 5 barley loaves and two fishes with her. Just yesterday, someone from abroad asked me if there was a gofundme account she could contribute to. 

Thank You Lord, that there is nothing impossible with You. That just like there was an excess of fish and bread for the crowd, You will also provide an excess for my friends, and You will heal and restore what was lost. 

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