Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Throwing Hoops

“Wisdom is vindicated by all her children.” Luke 7:35

Sometimes even if I read a passage again and again, I cannot understand it. Like this one. There is worldly wisdom, understanding and shrewdness we gain from experience. Then there is the wisdom that God bestows on those who seek to obey and know Him. I was listening to Jason Chin, who has an online school where he teaches how to pray for the sick and listen for God’s word of knowledge. Again, it’s all a matter of practice. He said that if a kid was put in a room with hundreds of basketballs, he would very likely throw the balls into the hoop without prodding. But if he was told that he had to throw the ball into the hoop only when he was 100% certain it would get in, that kid would not even attempt to do it. 

Why do we not try to hear God’s voice? Why do we not lay hands on the sick? The more we do it, the more doors open up, because God wants us to claim His promises. There are hundreds of basketballs ready for us to shoot every day, but we don’t even try because we want to be 100% certain of the outcome. Lord, may I be braver in following You and claiming Your promises so I can spread Your love everywhere I go. May we, your children, vindicate, give evidence that You truly give wisdom and insight to Your people. 

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