Friday, November 08, 2013

PPF: Stewardship

"Prepare a full account of your stewardship..."
Luke 16:2

When it comes to talents,
I think I can face God and say,
"Lord, every day I use what you have given me.
I hope it glorifies you!"

But when it comes to other things-
can I say that with my money,
my time, my resources,
I treat all these as if it belongs to Him?

In Africa, the farmers have a problem with the
Rhesus monkey stealing their harvest.
So they ingeniously carve a hole into a coconut,
put a banana into it or some food the monkey will like
and chain it to a coconut tree.

The monkey gets attracted to the food
and puts its hand into the coconut.
But the monkey cannot get his hand out
when it is grasping the banana!
So it struggles and the chains rattle,
and the farmer goes and captures it.

Sometimes we are like that with money!
Tightfisted. We don't let go!
All the monkey has to do to save its life
is to let go!

Sometimes we too, hold on to things
that destroy us-
when we keep buying things we don't really need,
getting into debt,
and limiting our options for the present
and for our future.

One day God will ask us what we did
with our time, our talents, our gifts,
our resources, our money.

"Where your treasure is, there your heart is also."
Matthew 6:21
I'm going to take a look at my checkbook
and my credit card statement
to see where my heart is!!!

The woman in this story in Luke chapter 15
is not ecstatic because she found a mere coin-
the coin represents a whole day's wages!
So of course, she moved her house upside down
to find it, and when she did,
she told all her neighbors how happy she was!

So it is in heaven- when someone who is lost
has found his way back to God!

Perhaps we are not far from God
in the way we live our life.
But sometimes our wallets are the last
to be saved!
Perhaps its time to take a step
to giving more to what God
finds valuable and not to 
the pursuits of this world! 
Indeed it is a privilege to
join Him in His work!

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  1. Thank you Patsy for sharing your artwork and thoughts. This is really a blessing.

  2. Oh my GOODness! I just LOVE your creations! So simple and sweet and lovely! You inspire me! I am going to begin Encaustic painting hopefully in January! (Bees Wax) Keep up the joyful work!

  3. wonderful Patsy!

  4. Really beautiful, thank you for sharing. And happy PPF!

  5. Such pretty faces. :)

  6. very inspirational. LOVE the colors that you have used.

  7. I am so glad that you share both your artwork & your thoughts. I have been blessed any time I visit here! Blessings!!

  8. Beautiful artwork, made even more meaningful with your words. I want my account heaven-worthy.

  9. You are a truly talented seeing your process, and the way you couple it with spiritual wisdom. Beautiful! happy PPF!

  10. I love seeing your paintings 'come to life' Wonderful work!

  11. Delightful post and artwork! God is faithful to prompt us into obedience, and what a blessing it is when we obey! Thanks for sharing with us at Word Art Wednesday. Blessings!

  12. i adore this post your artwork and your lovely heart! i am so very glad i stopped by via the saturday linkup, its lovely to find you xxxxxx

  13. Beautiful analogy, the monkey and the banana. Lovely work, too, Patsy. I found you through Manonpopjes paper Saturdays <3

  14. Patsy, I just heard about the terrible typhoon in your country. I am so sorry. Are you and your family okay? ~ Abby

  15. *smile* - A lovely reflection. And a nice painting developed. For sure we are above something when we wonder what we can *do* with our "money". *smile*

  16. Happy paper Saturdays! Blessings Manon

  17. Beautiful and stunning artwork! Thanks so much for sharing your talents with us, as well as your encouraging testimony, at Word Art Wednesday and look forward to seeing more of your lovely creations again soon. Have a blessed week! Laura

  18. I loved the gal (before you colored her in) with all the writing. . .it was like her soul was in the page at that point. Lots of lessons in the blog today. Blessings, Janet PPF

  19. So true that we hold onto things that destroy us. Love the art of the woman from Luke!


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