Wednesday, November 20, 2013

WOYWW: Treasure

Here is my messy desk this WOYWW  morning.
I was making backgrounds last night.
A lot of my backgrounds were too dark,
and I decided to stamp on it with white paint
to lighten it up.
Painting and stamping lift my spirits,
especially after all the sadness
of the past week with news about the 
violent Yolanda!

The Gospel reading today is from Luke 19:11-28.
It is about a rich man who left 
each of his 10 servants a gold coin each.
His instructions to them was that they should 
engage in trade with the money.

When he returned he asked for an accounting.
The first servant said he was able to 
earn 10 additional gold coins.
The master then said, "Well done!
You have been faithful in this small matter,
take charge of 10 cities!  

When it came to another servant,
the master was sorely disappointed for the
servant kept the coin in his handkerchief!
So the master took away the coin and gave it to 
the one with 10 coins!

I thought this parable was about talents
and perhaps it is.
But in the Word Among Us, the gold coin,
this treasure was compared to the good news.
"Each of us has a role in building the Kingdom,
and each of us has a unique way
that we are called to put our 'gold coin'
of the Gospel message to work.

In God's Kingdom, we grow our treasure
by giving it away.
Who are the friends in your life
who need the treasure that you have?"

We need to shout with joy, 
clap our hearts, and praise God
for this treasure!

And we need to share it!
So many people are in pain right now.
Let us take the time to think of ways we 
can bring light and healing in to their lives.

Is there someone we need to pray for?
I have been praying for my mother
who was hospitalized.
I try to remember to pray at all times
and not lose heart.

What a treasure to know that God is always 
listening and hears our every cry.
We may not understand why,
but if we trust Him,
we will not be disappointed!

Every week I choose one wonderful visitor
who leaves a comment
to receive an ATC from me.
I know it takes so much time and effort
to leave a comment
and I appreciate it soooo much!

This week, chose
 #40, Jenny of  Big Family, Small Farm.
She has a big family of 9!
I wonder how she does it,
maybe she is superwoman
in disguise? :^))))



  1. So sad to hear your Mother is in hospital - I pray that she will be well enough to come home soon.
    Thank you for another inspirational post.
    Bishopsmate #26

  2. As always the art is beautiful. hope your Mother is well soon. Happy WOYWW Helen 3

  3. My wishes and thoughts for your dear Mama too. It's a relief to see some support getting through now to the islands, I hope that has helped to lift your spirits a little. Beautiful art again Patsy, your 'pray at all times' page is inspiring.

  4. Sending love and hugs to get you through this difficult time...
    LLJ 41 xx

  5. Oh, your art is lovely! Wow! I found you through Jen's site (Rich Faith Rising) and the Unite Link up and I'm so glad I did! Love how you weave your art with storytelling from Scripture! Blessings, Melissa

  6. Generous hearted, artistic one, how I love visiting your page and seeing you sweet work. We love seeing your art and are very thankful that you have taken time to visit.
    Abundant Blessings,
    Carole Robb Bisson
    Word Art Wednesday

  7. What a lovely post, such a great way to look at that message. Hope your mother gets better soon.

  8. Indeed we are called to use our talents and giftings to build His kingdom, Patsy. Have you come across the song "Build your kingdom here" by Rend Collective Experiment? It's on you tube - and it is so down to earth and real! Enjoy!! It is great.
    Take heart, dear friend, Father is in charge and He knows what He is doing at this time in His world. Trust your mum soon feels better.
    Margaret #20

  9. Hope your Mother, get's well soon. I am always blessed, each time, I visit your blog...You are using the talents, God has blessed you with, to serve others....thank you.

    Hugs, Robin #76

  10. Always an inspiration to visit your page. I hope your mother returns to health soon!

  11. Hi Patsy,

    I hope your country is getting the needed help. Also, I hope your mother's health improves and she's able to leave the hospital.

    I always enjoy your artwork and your message.

    Happy belated WOYWW
    Peace, Kay (6)

  12. I am so sorry for the devastation your country has suffered. I pray for those who lost loved ones or were hurt in that awful storm. Our lives are in God's hands, and we never know when or how he will call us home. You are right, we need to share the message of Christ. Your pictures are beautiful! Thank you for sharing it at What We Accomplished Wednesdays.

  13. Wonderful artworks, Patsy! I always wonder how long do you stay in your craft room, how often do you work on your art each week and do you sell them in your Papemelroti Shop? I remember seeing one of your stores a long, long time ago at one of the SM's. Do you still do? Great pieces of art, indeed! So glad you blessed us with your awesome project this week at Word Art Wednesday. Hugs, always!

    JO ANN


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