Wednesday, November 27, 2013

WOYWW: Getting Out of the Wilderness!

I can't believe how fassst this year went!
It is almost December, 
the last month of the year!
I think as we get older, time just goes zippp!
My son who is 18, says his year has not gone so fast!

Yesterday I was painting this.
My way of dealing with stress.
As some of you know, my mother
is having a difficult time.
I do so appreciate your prayers for her!

This morning I read from the Book of Daniel:
"Bless the Lord; praise and exalt Him
above all forever!"

 Did you know that praise is a spiritual weapon?

 When we are in a difficult situation, 
we should praise God all the more.
When what we face seems hopeless,
we should shout out our praises!

Praise lifts our eyes from the seemingly desperate situation
to what is possible with God!
Nothing is impossible with God!

 There is an example of a hopeless battle in 2 Chronicles 20.
After King Jehoshaphat realized that the battle was not His
but God's to win, he appointed people to praise God.
And the battle was won!
Is there are a battle you are fighting now?
Perhaps an addiction that has plagued you for years,
anxiety or fear, envy, or unforgiveness?
Whatever it is, give the arena over to the Lord
and allow Him room to move.

"Your mind is where the battle rages 
most fiercely, not the world.
So take those thoughts captive
and rest on His mercy!"
There is a saying that "The attitude we have
while in the wilderness
determines how long we are going to stay there."

So we have to make sure that when we are 
undergoing challenges,
that our attitude is positive, hopeful,
trusting in God,
and full of praise and thanksgiving!
That way, we'll get out of the wilderness
sooner than later!!!!

Every week I choose one wonderful visitor
who leaves a comment
to receive an ATC from me.
I know it takes so much time and effort
to leave a comment
and I appreciate it soooo much!

This week, chose
 #23, Deborah at Green Willow Pond.
She has a lovely, homey blog
and a warm personality to match.



  1. Hello Patsy,I am visiting from Green willow Pond. What a lovely post and your art is so refreshing. Have a nice day :) jeanette

  2. Love that second drawing! I was just sharing those exact thoughts with my BFF today! Taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ...Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Thank you Patsy for sharing some lovely thoughts and verses! I too, am traveling a road of illness with my Mom. Don't know what our Lord has in store for us, but know He is in control.
    Sharon #3

  4. Once again, you get to the heart of the matter. I will be praying for your mom. My dad just went through a rough patch, so I understand what it is like. Thank you again for the ATC. I look forward to receiving it! Thank you also for sharing ianother beautiful piece of art at What We Accomplished Wednesdays.

  5. Dear Patsy what a beautiful post with the wonderful promises of Gods word.

    .. I do pray for your mother and for many dear folk who are suffering over there in the Philippines. Happy WOYWW Shaz in Oz.x #22

  6. Thanks for the encouragement for today Patsy. I pray also for your mother. Keep sharing God's living words. Precious.

  7. What a wonderful post!! I will keep your mom in my prayers! Thank you for always being a stream in the desert!!!Have a great week! Ginny #19

  8. Sending prayers for your mother and is a tricky time, I went through it last year when my mum was ill too.
    I love your beautiful blue favourite colour!
    Hugs, LLJ 25 xx

  9. Yes, I know what you mean about the battles we have to fight. Life can be a struggle at the moment. Your mum is in my thoughts. Your art work is a lovely way to relieve stress. Julie Ann x #55

  10. Wow! I never visited you before I think. I love your work. :)
    Uniflame - 61

  11. I read a small book by Father DeGrandis a few years ago, well probably more than a few (that time flying thing!) and it was called Praising God Daily. It was a game changer. Praise became central to my life and I can't describe the beauty in it. There is a scripture somewhere that I found that says something like "God inhabits the praise of his people" and then I knew why praise was so beautiful, He lives there!

  12. I love that "The attitude we have
    while in the wilderness
    determines how long we are going to stay there."

    So true! Always love visiting you each week.

    Hugs, Robin #87

  13. I love your beautiful message this morning! It is just the word that we need to lift us up in these trying times. Your artwork is just an example of the loving gifts He gives.
    Thanks for sharing His words and work.

  14. Beautiful post this week. Brigita #82

  15. Patsy, you are so right about praising all the more when life gets tough (not exactly how you put it). Thanks for sharing this post as I found it encouraging.


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