Monday, December 02, 2013

With His Might, We Fight!

It was my birthday last Thursday
and I received these beautiful flowers
from my sisters in the Lord
after they honored me.
One of our "traditions" in our community,
The Joy of the Lord,
is we honor each other on our birthdays,
and my sisters encouraged me
and pointed out my good qualities!

The next day, I brought my flowers
to my mother's bedside.
As some of you know,
my mother is sick and I have been so appreciative
of your support and prayers.
Today's bible verse resonated with me.
"Only say the word and my servant 
will be healed." Matthew 8:8

In The Word Among Us, I read:
"It can be hard to believe but it's true:
Jesus is thrilled when we
 proclaim our faith and trust in Him.
It puts a smile on His face and fills Him with Joy.
So let's make this the cry of our hearts this Advent:
'Lord, I am not worthy, but only
say the word and __________ will be healed.'
"Believe that He is a good God.
Trust that He will take care of you."

Yes God is good!
He sent Dr. Tony Mix to help in her healing.
He came to visit her the other day,
wearing this chicken hat!
Of course my mom could not help but smile!
He also stayed the night to see what her nurse
and caregiver were doing!
I don't know of any other doctor
who is more committed than that!

Yesterday I read from both 
Matthew 24:42 and Romans 13:11
that we should STAY AWAKE!
Some of us do not know that we are at war
and are very complacent!
We are at war against evil in our society,
in our homes, even in our heart sometimes!

But we are not alone in our fight!
We fight with God's might,
His strength, and His wisdom!

Last November 30 was the Feast Day
of St. Andrew.
He was first a disciple of John the Baptist
until John pointed out Jesus
and said, "There is the lamb of God."

After that Andrew followed Him
and called his brother Simon,
who became St. Peter.
We too are called to share the Good News
like St. Andrew and to point Him out to others!

Every week I choose one wonderful visitor
who leaves a comment
to receive an ATC from me.
I know it takes so much time and effort
to leave a comment
and I appreciate it soooo much!

This week, chose
Visit her blog to see her
amusing paper projects!


  1. Oh Patsy, I am so glad your dear mother has such a super Dr. I am a nurse (44 years). You little group sounds like a blessing from God. What a wonderful thing to meet and speak good things to the birthday girl. Belated Birthday Blessings. Your art is truly inspirational, I agree, we must stay awake. Thank you for sharing your lovely project with us this week, we love seeing your art.
    Carole Robb Bisson
    Word Art Wednesday

  2. Wow you're so talented!

  3. "Creation" just exuberates from your site! I have watched my 7 yr old go from stick men to elaborate princess-like drawings almost overnight, and I see how the ability to draw/create/do art is such a gift from God. So sorry I missed stopping by to say "Happy Birthday" last Thursday! Hope is was such a blessed one! Praying this year the Creator continues to pour out His creations in and through you, friend! Thanks again for UNITING! ~ Jen

  4. Hi Patsy,

    So wonderful to meet you! I am popping over from the SDG sisters. Happy birthday for last week, the flowers look beautiful. I love your tradition, everyone should do that :) I said a prayer for your mum.
    God bless

  5. You are SUCH a blessing to me, Patsy. I've been praying for your Mom and I want you to know that you are thought about, loved and appreciated. Thanks for sharing your encouraging words. I try to keep my heart clean; knowing that God looks on it and that nothing is hidden from Him. Thanks for the beautiful reminders, and God bless you always. Your friend and Sister in the Lord Jesus Christ,
    Word Art Wednesday

  6. Another wonderful set of projects and great post. Praying for your mother's recovery and blessings to the doctor whose taking care of her for his commitment and of course, Birthday blessings to you as well. Glad you shared with us this week at Word Art Wednesday. God bless, always!

    JO ANN


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