Friday, April 25, 2014

Paint Party Friday: Times of Refreshment!

 "Repent...that The Lord may grant you 
times of refreshment..." Acts 3:19 
Who doesn't want to be refreshed? 
Reinvigorated, restored, rejuvenated? 
It's not cool to talk about sin and repenting, 
but that's the only way to get cleansed in our spirits. 
Much like our body needs to be washed every day 
so that we can feel good and free from dirt,
 we need to declog our spirits of the grime, 
the dirt that accumulates every day. 

Lord, may I see myself clearly, the way You see me! 
May I repent of my selfishness, being judgemental, 
whatever sin You see in me, 
that You may give me times of refreshment!

 "In Jesus name this man
stands before you
Acts 4:10

Jesus was dead, but Peter and John,
his disciples, healed a crippled man
in His name.
Not only could this man walk,
but his whole life was changed.
He could now get a job,
get married, have relationships.
He could have a purpose
and meaning in his life!
Previous to this, 
because he was lame from birth,
he could only beg
and was dependent on strangers
for his sustenance.

Sometimes we can feel inadequate.
We are not always enthusiastic,
confident, upbeat.
Yesterday I was so mean spirited because
I found out we would have to spend a lot
for our renovations for our
store in the Gateway Tower Mall.
I even told the lady I was talking to,
"Para kayong gobyerno!!!"
(You are like the government!)

But I realize today that I need not act that way!
I need not be stressed out.
If Jesus' name can heal the lame,
Jesus' name can bring life to any situation.
His Spirit can give power to an
ordinary person like me!
Because He died and rose again.
That is a reality if I CHOOSE 
to claim it EVERY DAY!
Dear Jesus, help me to be kind today,
help me to be loving, life giving,
helpful and generous!!!

I claim the life you died to give me! 

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  1. Beautiful artwork and poem! Renew, restore, refresh are my key words this week as I'm taking a few days of personal retreat. This was a great way to start my day today!

  2. luv your art and words of inspiration; have a blessed weekend

    much love...

  3. These are wonderful pieces of art. The poem is something we should do every day. Have a nice weekend

  4. You are very good at painting people. The man looks so jubilant and healed through his expression and gesture! My blog post was also about breathing, and refreshment! Thank you for sharing!

  5. these are wonderful! i love how you do your lettering... and the placement. so pretty! thanks for joining us 'in the studio', patsy!

  6. Love, love the painting of the man healed. It really captures the joy.

  7. Yes! I love how Jesus' name bring life. I love the facial expression of the man in your art. So great!


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