Monday, April 07, 2014

Teach Me To Love!

 "Neither do I condemn you," John 8:11
Sometimes I don't realize that when I look at others,
even close friends, that I am judging them,
because they are not the same as I am.
They don't think the same,
they don't react the same,
they say things I think should not be said.
They eat too much, they are shopaholics,
they gossip, they advertise their wealth,
they don't know how to save....
the list goes on and on.
"Condemn" means pronounce to be guilty,
to indicate strong disapproval or censure.

If Jesus did not condemn the woman
who committed adultery, a BIG sin,
shouldn't I be careful about who 
I strongly disapprove of?

"Father, I thank You for hearing me." 
John 11:41. 
Jesus is our example in every way. 
He thanked His Father for hearing His every prayer. 
He knew without doubt that His Father always listens 
and no prayer is ever wasted. 
There may be something we are praying about 
that seems to fall on deaf ears. 
But if I we pray with faith,
 God will answer in His time and in His own way.
"Thus you shall know that I am The Lord. 
I have promised and I will do it, says The Lord," 
in the First Reading for today, in Ezekiel 37:14.
I will start with the prayer,
"Father teach me to love without judging!"

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  1. Patsy, we are 'neighbors' at SDG this week. I'm so glad I stopped by--your blog is so beautiful!


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