Friday, October 03, 2014

Paint Party Friday: Angels Watching Over Me!!

 Angels are usually depicted as pretty, cute, harmless even. 
But I think angels are pretty scary. 
They're warriors, messengers of the Almighty God, 
sent out to do His bidding. 
They open prison doors, gather His elect, 
bring the dead to heaven, fight against demons, 
shut lions' mouths, etc.
My favorite story happened when Mark, 
the son of my sister Meldy was a toddler. 
They were in Mark's bedroom, and Mark asked her, "Who is that, mommy?" 
Meldy noticed he was looking towards the bathroom door, 
and he looked shy, as if facing a stranger. 
There was no one and Meldy asked, "Who? Where?" 
Mark pointed and said, "There. Big man." 
Meldy's hair stood up, but she believes it was Mark's angel. 
In Matthew 18, Jesus says to the disciples 
we should never despise little children because their angels 
are looking upon the face of God all the time.
 In Psalm 91:11, it says that God has given the angels 
the command to guard over us in all our ways. 
Once when my husband Luigi and I were on our way home 
along busy Commonwealth Avenue, 
I heard a bad scrunching sound, 
really loud on my near right. 
I did not want to look because I knew 
something really bad happened. 
But Luigi, looking through the mirror, 
had seen it coming and thought we would be hit. 
As traffic was tight, he could not get out of the way to prevent it. 
A van was coming fast, as if with no breaks, 
and slammed right into the car next to us at an angle. 
Praise God, the car did not hit us! 
Things like this happen all the time, 
everywhere, and we usually don't think of angels. 
Seems silly sometimes. 
But believing as I do in God's words, 
I know there are angels protecting and guarding us! 

Thank God for every ordinary day, 
when nothing bad happens! 
Our angels are following God's bidding!

 I was 38 years old when Joshua was in my womb. 
I was so anxious, I just kept praying and praying.
 God in His mercy and love, spoke into my heart, 
and said, “You will know how much I love you, 
when you hold your child in your arms.” 
This reassured me immensely. 
True to His Word, when I held Josh in my arms 
for the first time, I knew His perfect love.
The whole Bible is about God’s love for us. 
It’s all about how He calls an imperfect people 
to have a relationship with Him- 
an intimate loving relationship with a God 
who gave His all to save us and claim us for His very own. 
Our destiny is to love Him and to allow Him to love us!

Ravi Zacharias, one of my favorite Christian apologists, 
said that to love is to treat a person with intrinsic worth, 
not only when they serve your purpose. 
I can’t imagine God needing me to do anything for Him. 
I am sure there are other people who could do a better job for Him! 
But He fashioned me, He “formed my inmost being; 
He knit me in my mother’s womb.” (Psalm 139:13)

He is the One who gives me my worth. 
He is the One who gives each of us our worth, by loving us!
Ravi Zacharias also said, “Only in Christian theism is 
love pre-existent within the Trinity, which means 
love precedes human life…”
Thank you Lord for Your love which is simply amazing!!!!

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  1. I love your angel. You're right, they are God's awesome messengers sent to protect but also to battle. I love how you've written in his wings.

  2. What an inspiring post. I love your paintings of the angel and of the young pregnant you. I saw it on WAW and just had to pop over for a closer look. I love your art and how you share the love of God through it.
    What a wonderful story about little Mark seeing his angel.
    Blessing hugs,
    PS- I have some scripture coloring pages on my blog right now if you know of any children who might like them.

  3. The art is outstanding and the post is even better than that. Thank you for posting your art with us this week during our 152nd challenge at Word Art Wednesday. Hoping you have a fun day, full of creativity, with buckets of blessings as you work, and play.
    Carole Robb Bisson


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