Monday, October 13, 2014

Set Free!

 "For freedom Christ set us free; so stand firm 
and do not submit again to the yoke of slavery." 
Galatians 5:1

In 1944, during World War 2, Intelligence Officer Hiroo Onoda 
was sent to the island of Lubang 
here in the Philippines, to gather intelligence. 
Using the guerrilla tactics he was specifically trained for, 
Onoda and his small group survived in the jungle. 
When they saw leaflets announcing 
the end of the war in August 15, 1945, 
they thought it was Allied propaganda. 
One by one Onoda's companions either surrendered 
or were killed until he was all alone. 
In 1974, a Japanese student named Nario Suzuki, 
set out to find "Onoda, a panda 
and the abominable snowman". 
Amazingly he found and befriended Onoda. 

It was only when Suzuki brought Onoda's old commander, 
Major Taniguchi, that Onoda finally set down 
his rifle, ammunition, and hand grenades. 
He wept bitterly realizing that he had 
wasted so many years of his life.

 How many of us are battling a war that was 
already won for us thousands of years ago? 
Romans 6:18 says 
"You have been set free from your slavery to sin..." 

Some men in the QC Jail are free even if they are behind bars,  
because they have accepted Christ and walk 
in the way of light, forgiveness and love. 
And some people outside of jail are in terrible bondage
 to hidden sin, guilt, unforgiveness, addiction, pornography, etc. 
The list is long, but the first step to freedom 
is confessing our sin, bringing it out into the light, 
surrendering to God, and committing to do everything 
to be the person Jesus sacrificed His life for.

 "My friend how is it that you came in here 
without a wedding garment?" Matthew 22:12
In Matthew 22, Jesus tells a parable about a King 
who gave a wedding feast for his son. 
When the invited guests refused to come, 
he had his servants invite people from the streets. 
Then he noticed a man not in proper attire 
and asked him, "My friend, how is it that you came in here 
without a wedding garment?"
This reminds me of a wedding I attended. 
The groom's mother was in an ordinary shirt and pants, 
and my sister Meldy, who is such a stickler for proper attire, 
spent the whole wedding thinking whether she should go home 
and get a gown for the lady to change into! 
She was sooo bothered!

 It is also very important to God that we are properly attired 
when we get to the heavenly banquet. 
All of us are invited. 
We are the people in the streets. 
In ancient times, when people could not afford to 
dress formally enough to meet the King, 
you went to the Royal Wardrobe and there you would be helped 
into an outfit that would not insult the King.
We ourselves cannot weave any garment 
beautiful enough to face God in, 
so we have to be robed with the righteousness of Jesus, 
washed white by the blood of the Lamb, 
paid for by Jesus' death on the cross.
Thank you Lord for my 'wedding garment", 
fit for a princess!!

 "Blessed are those who hear the 
Word of God and observe it." Luke 11:28
I am waiting for a good conversion story. 
I am praying that the politician 
who was imprisoned because of plunder, 
and who says he is reading the Bible in his jail cell, 
will be serious not only about reading it, but also obeying it! 
That it's not just for show or a good mention on TV!

I am also aware that whenever 
I point a finger at someone, 
there are three fingers pointing towards me! 
I read the Bible and listen to preaching 
and teaching on Youtube. 
But it's not enough to just read and listen. 
Do I allow the Word of God to 
penetrate my heart and mind? 
Do I allow it to transform me?
"For the Word of God is alive, efficient, 
powerful, active, quick, SHARPER than any two-edged sword; 
it pierces even to dividing soul and spirit, 
joints and marrow; 
it is able to judge and discern the 
ideas, thoughts, desires, reasoning, 
conscience, intentions, and attitudes of the heart." Hebrews 4:12
But like any sword, for us to experience its power, 
we need to use it, 
not just look at how beautiful it is, 
or display it for others to see!!!

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  1. i love the print of the mom comforting her child as God comforts us. Is there a print I can order of it? visiting from unforced rhythms

  2. Great analogy Patsy about not taking hold of what has been provided. I always enjoy your art. Thank you for posting your beautiful art with us this week during our 153rd challenge at Word Art Wednesday. Carole Robb Bisson

  3. Amen, Patsy. We can roam this earth, free in our body, but tied in chains in our spirits if we don't confess or if we harbor unforgiveness in our hearts.


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