Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Looking for Signs

"Teacher, when will this happen?" Luke 21:7

Yesterday I was listening to an interview on an all news TV channel. I was surprised when the woman being interviewed said, "I'll be honest, I am a Christian. I believe we are in the end times and all the evil forces are out." Does being a Christian presuppose believing that we are in the end times? Back in Jesus' day, the disciples and other people listening to Jesus were also curious about what signs to look out for. I heard a preacher say that almost one-fourth of the Bible is prophecy. To me, the prophecies in the Bible authenticates it, because of the accuracy of the prophecies that have been fulfilled already. But nowhere in the Bible can we find a date for the last days. All we can be certain of is we are certainly nearer to the last days today than anyone in history. A no brainer! 
Instead of looking for signs in the skies, we should be looking for signs in members of our family, office mates, people we are in contact with. Even without the last days to worry about, people around us are in need of assurance, encouragement and strength. Do we know anyone at the end of their rope? I see a lot of people venting out frustration on Facebook. We can be signs of God's love and blessing if we pray for them, offer a word of encouragement and become concrete channels of God's grace. 

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