Friday, November 25, 2016

The Dragon in Chains

"The angel seized the dragon...and chained him up for a thousand years." Revelation 20:2

I haven't read the Book of Revelations much. There's too much going on I don't understand and like most people, I tend to gloss over the reality of the enemy, the great Satan, the devil. Paul Washer, the fiery preacher who does not compromise with the truth, agonizes over washed down Christianity and talks often about how most Christians are going to hell.  That it's not a matter of being saved because we received Jesus Christ one fine day. 

In Revelations chapter 20, Saint John receives a vision where the devil gets chained up for a thousand years, and hurled into the abyss. Then there's this enormous throne, the judgement seat, before which each person is judged according to how he lived his life. A seemingly powerless Jesus, who stood before Pilate and Herod Antipas, will one day judge them! 

Here and now, every day, we choose whom to listen to. Are we influenced by the dragon or the dragon slayer? Do we obey the one who strategizes for our downfall or the one who died to give us freedom? Yes, the ancient enemy wants to keep us shackled. He wants to suck up every vestige of power or victory we have in Christ, and we allow him! Every time we disobey, when we harbor unforgiveness in our heart, when we allow fear to reign instead of faith, when we allow our past to define us, instead of who we really are- sons and daughters of a King! 

Lord, You meant for us to be Your own special possession. You engraved us in the palm of Your hand! (Isaiah 49:16) May Your truth be ever before me and may I not be deceived by the wiles and stratagems of the devil. We cry out to You, Abba! Father! Never ever let us go! 

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