Thursday, November 17, 2016

Pressing You Hard at Every Side!

"Days will come upon you when your enemies encircle you with a rampart, hem you in, and press you hard from every side." Luke 19:43

Jesus prophesied this about the Holy City Jerusalem as He entered it weeping. He knew the evil events that would occur, how Titus would build a wall around the circumference of the city during the seige of Jerusalem 40 years after. The Romans aimed to compel the Jews to surrender because of lack of food. Josephus the historian wrote in his "Wars of the Jews" that the wall was 4 miles in length and was completed in 3 days, and it "cut off all hope of escape."

We too are in a war, but we don't see our enemies. They too want to build a rampart, a wall around us, to cut off all hope. The enemy is after us, after our children, our marriages, our schools, our whole country! We can see the effects of what the enemy is trying to do. Here in the Philippines, and all around the world, there is so much quarreling and disunity. Do we continue to fight our friends, our family, our husbands, our office mates? Or do we go to the root of the problem? Yesterday, we had a mini fire drill and our security officer instructed us that to put the fire out, we need to aim at the bottom of the fire, not the top. When we have problems and challenges, let's start targeting the real enemy who wants to destroy us. He is down there at the very bottom. Let's use weapons, far stronger than any nuclear bomb, a spiritual fire extinguisher that the enemy has no answer for- prayer! 

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