Wednesday, November 16, 2016

WOYWW: Invest This Until I Come Back!

"Invest this until I get back." Luke 19:13

The parable Jesus tells in Luke chapter 19, is His way of telling us what we have to do, and what will happen as a consequence. A man of noble birth, before leaving for a far country to be crowned, summoned his servants. He gave each of them some money equivalent to 3 month's wages, and said, "Invest this until I come back."

When he came back, crowned as King, he summoned his servants and asked for an accounting. The first servant received praise as he was able to double the money. "Well done, you have been faithful in a small matter, I reward you 10 cities to govern!" And he called each one until the last one. The last servant claimed he was afraid, because the Master was a hard man, and he just hid the money!" He had nothing to show! The Master, after berating him, took his money, and gave it to the first one. 
Jesus is the Master, He came and will come back crowned as King in the second coming. Meanwhile, He has invested much in each of us, His servants. It's not only that He has given us gifts and talents, resources, opportunities, people around us and time. He has also lavished us with the precious gift of His Spirit and His Word. We are supposed to make the most of all this, invest it, and make it grow. Perhaps we only have a small realm of influence, just as the servants were only given a small amount of money. But when the servant invested his little money well and pleased the Master, he was given a reward of 10 cities!!!! 

Lord, may I invest in eternal things and not things of worthless value. Teach me not to waste my time, money, gifts and talents on things that rust and can be stolen. When I meet You face to face, may You say to me, "You are a good and faithful daughter!" 


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