Wednesday, February 15, 2017

WOYWW: A Second Time

Here's what's on my desk-
a painting that's not finished yet, 
and nice things from last night's
Valentine party. 
My sister Tina had a game
where we could choose gifts. 
Isn't that great?
We had so much fun! 

Here's another painting 
that I have yet to decide whether
it's finished or not.

This one is finished.
I like it already!
But the one below though!
It definitely needs some tweaking! 

"Then a second time, Jesus laid hands on his eyes..." Mark 8:25

Most of us have the idea that when Jesus healed, He did so instantly. Here Jesus shows us a different way. When He and His disciples reached Bethsaida, a blind man was brought to Him for healing. Jesus took the man's hand, led him outside the village, and laid hands on him. "Can you see anything?" He asked. 

"I can see people but they look like trees!" Then Jesus laid His hand on him again, a second time, and the man was blind no more. Doesn't this clearly show us how God works in our life? Sometimes we get so impatient when we pray. We want instant answers, instant results, but what happens here clearly shows us that sometimes, maybe most often, God works in His time. He wants to take us by the hand, to lead us, where we can be with Him, just the two of us. There He will minister to us, helping our faith to grow. 

Imagine if the blind man pulled away as we sometimes do? No, Jesus, I don't want Your way! God, take Your hands off my life! I want to do things my way! Can the miracle we want happen? 

Lord, may I follow where You lead. May I trust in You even when the answers are slow in coming. May I not lose hope. May I learn all You want to teach me! 


  1. Adore the Mother and baby painting, finished or not. Love babies - lOADS. My son is 18yrs but I got to be a birthing partner to a friend last year which was amazing. Still waiting on God's hand in my life, had a bit today but not sure the marriage is going the right way, not sure how many more years I can hang on to the emptiness. BJ#1

  2. I love all three of your paintings, but I think I like the 2nd one best! Thanks for sharing! Lindart #40

  3. Great paintings!! thanks for stopping by. Helen #2

  4. Thanks for the lesson. Makes one think a great deal about what is going on in ones life.
    Love your paintings. Could not choose a favourite and can not find why some are unfinished.
    Hugs, Neet 12 xx

  5. Happy WOYWW. I love the 2nd painting. You are so clever. Patience - definitely something I need more of. Ali x

  6. Sorry - I am #26. Ali x

  7. Your paintings are so beautiful and your words as well. We are definitely in a "I want it now" world and patience is something we can all use. Thank you for the reminder. Dorlene #43

  8. Oh such beautiful art work Patsy - you never cease to amaze me! x Jo

  9. Great pieces! So heartwarming. Creative Blessings! Kelly #46


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