Friday, February 03, 2017

Mother, O Mother!

"What should I ask for?" Mark 6:24

What a poignant question! After the young daughter of Herodias pleases King Herod with a dance, he said, "Ask me for anything you want. I will give it to you, even to half my kingdom!" What a rash promise from a powerful king to give a young girl! The daughter runs to her mother and asks for advice. Queen Herodias, who has a simmering hatred for John the Baptist, told her daughter to ask for the head of the prophet. So the daughter runs back to the King and embellishes her command, "I want the head of John the Baptist, right now, on a tray!" Whew! What words to come out of the mouth of babes! She is truly her mother's daughter, and unless her path is radically changed, one can imagine what kind of a scheming, vicious woman she will become!  

Mothers have an important role to play in children's lives. Some people are scarred for life for lack of a mother's love and nurturing. Some have poor self image and no confidence at all because of the powerful words spoken over them throughout childhood. You need to lose weight, you're too fat. How dumb can you be? You keep failing at Math! Why can't you be like your sister?

If our mothers did not value us enough to teach us well, were not our nurturers or protectors, those wounds can be healed. We just need to know we are loved by God, know it deep in our heart. If our mother did not teach us to dream, we should know that God has wonderful dreams for us, and He is faithful to work with us to make those dreams come true. 

Jesus, whatever hurts and pains we have in our past, even those we don't remember, come and heal us of them. Only you can can satisfy us. And Lord, as a mother and a friend, teach me to be loving, nurturing, and encouraging. May I have a positive impact on all who come into my life. 

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