Saturday, February 18, 2017

Spiritual Currency

"Faith is the confident assurance of what we hope for, and conviction about things we do not see." 
Hebrews 11:1

Without faith it is impossible to please God. That's what Saint Paul wrote to the Hebrews in chapter 11, verse 6. It's like spiritual currency. Just like we can't buy anything in the department store without money, we can't go before God, and transact our business with Him without faith. The wonderful thing is when we do have faith, nothing is impossible. 

Gene Neill was a Miami Mafia lawyer who got sentenced to 50 years in a maximum maximum (you read it right, double max) security prison. He lived the high roller jet set life of an organized crime lawyer until he got ratted on. Cellblock 10D had the tightest security of all the cells in the federal penitentiary in Springfield, Missouri. It was way underground and you wouldn't be able to get out, see outside, until your 50 years were up. You didn't have anything but toilet paper and the clothes you were wearing. You ate with your fingers and you talked to yourself and nobody else. 

But Gene Neill had a secret weapon with God's currency. His wife was a Christian and she prayed and prayed for him. One day, Gene went down on his knees and asked God for forgiveness. And God heard his agonized cry from beneath the ground in cellblock 10D. He was miraculously released from prison and spent the next 40 years of his life  telling everyone who would listen about Jesus Christ. He wrote the book, "I'm Gonna Bury You!" to tell his amazing story.  

Lord, may I have the faith to move mountains for others and for myself! When You see me, may I be pleasing in Your sight, because I have the confident assurance of what I hope for, and conviction about things I do not see. 

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