Friday, February 17, 2012

Loving our Life or Losing it?

I'm excited about the weekend.
On Saturday I am planning to visit an art fair
and see lots of art!
Perhaps I can post pictures of that next week!
On my desk, 
I've started to make a new journal.
I decided to buy several kid's drawing books
and I will bind them together and cover them
with leather I cut from an old dress.
I'm tired of drawing on brown kraft paper!!!

I finished my canvas,
Friendship is a Sheltering Tree.
My sister Peggy says the girl
on the left looks like me!

On my journal this morning is a quote from
Mark 8:35:
"Whoever wishes to save his life will lose it."

I have to confess that I was inspired by
when I did this.
I think she is terrific!

And here is one of my very favorite quotes
from Jim Elliot, who was martyred 
while trying to evangelize the Auca Indians
(I hope I remember that detail right!)
"He is no fool who gives what
he cannot keep
to gain what he can never lose!!!"

God's economy is so different from 
the world's economy,
so different from the way the world does things.
That which we give away is that which we
are able to keep!

When I was younger, I did not like this verse.
I stopped reading the bible because
of a similar verse in Matthew!
I "loved" my life then, and 
I could not figure out why 
God would begrudge me that!

Now I understand that if we are selfish, 
if we hoard, if we keep what 
we think is ours to ourselves,
then it all goes to waste.
When we are generous with our money, 
our talents, our resources, etc.
they are like seeds planted,
they grow and prosper!

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  1. Beautiful canvas, and journal page. Thanks for sharing!

  2. i really love your journal. next, you won at Scrappin studio. here's the link :

  3. Loving your beautiful pieces of art. Happy PPF and enjoy the weekend, Annette x

  4. I like your today's inspiration on generosity. I do always wish that people are more generous... maybe if everyone is generous, there will be no poor....

    Spanish Pinay

  5. These are ALL wonderful but the FRIENDSHIP IS A SHELTERING TREE is my favorite. You do beautiful work.
    My post this week also has to do with friendships.
    Happy PPF!
    Sheri Cook
    Happy Horse Studio

  6. your canvas is beautiful!! happy ppf!

  7. those are the right words ... we should live so!
    great Journaling!

    xxx Susi-froebelsternchen
    from Austria

  8. Thank you so much for your thoughtful and kind comment on my blog! I appreciate it so much. :) :)

  9. Very nice journal pages, and see all what you can create in your new paper!

  10. Your Friendship is a Sheltering Tree painting is exquisite!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  11. These are wonderful - Friendship is a Sheltering Tree is my favorite!

  12. Love your art! ;-)

  13. Your art is enchanting! And I love the quotes. I admit, it takes a bit of thought to understand them fully. Have fun at the art fair!

  14. Love your new painting! It's so beautiful and the words are so true.

  15. The canvas turned out really beautifully and the journal pages are wonderful as always... you are so consistent in your skills and approach... very inspiring... xx

  16. I love that friendship in the sheltering tree! so so so sweet and colorful!

  17. I do love the words "friendship is a sheltering tree" - and the words about giving away what we cannot keep anyway - hoarding - are words I need to hear today!


  18. I love the bright colours you use. Happy PPF!

  19. Hi Patsy, Your art journaling is very good, I am not artistic in that way at all. Yes, you're correct about Jim Elliot. His wife is one of my favorite authors. Thank you so much for linking this to Scripture Thursday. I hope you'll be able to participate each week. Thank you as well for the devotional thoughts you've shared here. ~ Abby

  20. Hi there Patsy so love this post - if you look on my name photo you will see the verse lathe like this one in meaning but from Mark it is on my desktop background too it is an illuminated text on my blog as well have done in a number of times different way "What shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world, but lose his own soul. Mark 8:16
    Love Shaz in oz.x

  21. Anonymous8:44 PM

    I loved your words....I loved hearing your story... and your journey.
    I really like the friendship painting. you always paint the emotion right into your art.

  22. Every week I am blessed by your work!

  23. I really like your paintings.
    I can agree with your last writing part. Sharing is a good thing. Thanks for letting me think and sharing your story.

  24. inspiring verses and wonderful pages!

  25. I agree. Generosity blossoms to more blessings that we ever expect. Thank you for nourishing us with more powerful and inspiring words

  26. These are beautiful! I love Stephanie Ackerman too and you captured her style perfectly in your doodle! :)

  27. Hello Patsy, thanks for commenting on my moon piece, I see how a story would go with that painting, makes me think of a picture in a child's book...You are full of colour too I see, some lovely pieces, take care Patsy and have a good week-end! xx

  28. Your paintings and words inspire me, it's always such a joy visiting here!!! Hugs, Deb

  29. Ahhh can't wait to see your new "white" journals but I also enjoy your sketches on kraft papers ;} Have a wonderful week, fondly, Roberta

  30. As a teen, I was so inspired by that quote by Jim Eliot. Now I look back and realize that I did not have the slightest clue what it really meant to "give" of myself to the Lord. I praise Him that He has patiently taught me what it means. :)

    I love your work. Thank you for sharing it.

  31. I LOVE your work on the brown Kraft paper. Just saying... :) Great job again on all of your projects.

  32. Lovely pieces! I love how light and bright they are! Thank you for sharing!!

  33. An art fair sounds like so much fun! Great pieces you are sharing today. I love the friendship canvas. Such pretty flowers! Love this... "when we are generous with our money,
    our talents, our resources, etc. they are like seeds planted, they grow and prosper." Exactly!

  34. Thank you so much for linking up with Brag on God Friday. :) I just love when people use their artistic gifts to bring glory to God.

  35. Very funny and beautiful

  36. Beautiful - as usual. Love the quote from Jim Elliot. I love those art fairs.
    Thank you for sharing again for Spiritual Sundays.

  37. Lucky you going to an art fair. Can't wait to see pictures.

    I love your colorful work-- all the bright colors stand out so beautifully against the brown kraft paper. So fun and festive!

  38. I hope your Art Fair was everything you anticipated. I, too, love that quote from Jim Elliot. What an amazing story his life tells.

  39. What fun you have. I like the kids journal idea. . . Blessings, Janet PPF

  40. That's such a powerful verse that is so backwards from what the world tells us. I love it! I bet those books are going to turn out awesome! Love your art!

  41. Great work! Thanks for sharing with Just Journals.

  42. Your art through those inspirational quotes really lights up and draws me in. Adore all that you have created here and shared with us....thanks.

  43. I am so loving your art work,beautiful and inspiring.
    Love your idea for your next journal and can`t wait to see it.


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