Monday, February 13, 2012

A Step Forward

One canvas finished this weekend.
"Always Wear your Invisible Crown"
When I was a pastoral leader of 
single women a long time ago,
I felt the Lord wanted me to train them,
because they were His princesses.

If we are daughters of the King,
then we are all princesses, aren't we?
As princesses, we should be gracious,
and kind, and generous, encouraging....
That's why we need training! 
It's hard to be a good princess!

Second canvas, still a work in progress.
This is "Friendship is a
Sheltering Tree."
I'm very blessed because all my sisters,
and my mom are my good friends as well.
They truly are sheltering trees for me!

From my journal today,
a reading from Mark 8,
where the pharisees were asking
Jesus for a sign and Jesus
refused to give them a sign!

Sometimes like the pharisees,
we like to ask for signs too!
Please give me a sign that 
this is the right thing to do.
Please stop me from doing this
if it's not going to be good for me.
To the one who believes,
there are signs and miracles everywhere!
To the one who does not believe,
no sign or miracle is enough!

"Lord, I can't see the road ahead,
so please help me to trust You,
as I step out in faith.
I believe that any step taken in faith
is a step forward."

I love blog parties!
Won't you join us?


  1. I love the "don't leave the house without your invisible crown." I'm going to share that with my daughter each day as she leaves for the University.

    And...the sheltering tree--I'm addicted to sheltering. And don't our mothers and sisters provide the best shelter?!!

  2. Beautiful & thoughtful canvases - just lovely!

  3. Beautiful! I love how the flower in the top painting pops! Every step of faith is in the right direction... it's when we don't take any steps that we can get into trouble! Thanks for sharing...

  4. Indeed... to the one that believes, there are always signs everywhere :) Love the artworks as always!

    Spanish Pinay

  5. I agree. His signs and miracles are so clear and visible for those who have faith!

  6. Beautiful art, lovely words. Thanks for sharing.
    I came from Inspire Me Monday, and followed you with Linky Followers. I hope you can do the same.

  7. "any step taken in faith is a step forward." I like that. So glad I found you through On Your Heart Tuesdays. Blessings!

  8. I simply love all of your artwork. I especially love the friendship is a sheltering tree above. I'd love something similar to this for my best friend. I also like the ones with flowers on it. She's a horticulturist and we are always photographing wildflowers and nature. I'm following you through Goggle and Linky. Thanks

  9. Hi! I followed you here from a comment you made on Tracy's Winsome Wednesday link up. I needed the reminder to choose joy despite a few health challenges today. So, I just wanted to say I'm glad you left that comment. Thanks!

  10. Oh, I think you are right -- if we don't believe or don't want to believe, we will never be satisfied, no matter how many signs He gives us. Beautiful work -- I love the sheltering tree piece.

  11. I thought of Pamela when I saw the Sheltering Tree :). Beauty, Patsy. Just beauty.

  12. You are so creative and I love what you do!

  13. I truly admire how you journal with such abandon. Your freedom in words and art is inspiring.

  14. As always, your work is SO inspiring! I can't wait to see what you'll be sharing this week at Inspire Me Monday!



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