Friday, April 13, 2012

It is the Lord!

I'm running late for the party!
Paint Party Friday that is! 
But I did arrive eventually!

Here's page 2 of my altered book.
Again some painted collage elements
glued on to a wall puttied background.

A journal page from earlier in the week,
a passage from Luke 24 which reads,
"He opened their minds to understand the 
This is from the story of Cleofas and another disciple
on the road to Emmaus.
They did not realize that it was Jesus
explaining the scriptures to them!
But when He opened their minds to the 
scriptures, they were amazed! 
And from my journal today,
a passage from John 21:
"It is the Lord!"

Like the disciples, many of us
do not recognize the Lord
when He comes and visits us.
He may be in the form of a friend
who encourages,
a parent who corrects in love,
a letter from far away,
a blog post,

However, we may be sure that
if we keep our eyes and heart open,
He can open up the meaning of the 
scriptures for us!

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  1. Patsy, what a lovely post. Can you just imagine being taught by Jesus himself in the person? How right you are, He speaks to us in many different ways and opens our minds to understanding. Thanks so much for linking this to Scripture Thursday. I always look forward to what the Lord lays on your heart. ~ Abby

  2. Wonderful spiritual journal pages and other creations ~ very colorful and stylish ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^

  3. Beautiful pages Patsy. Happy PPF, Annette x

  4. Interesting pages, like the idea of the texture you used:)

  5. What beautiful pictures, I really like.

  6. SOO PRETTY!!!!! VERY colorful!!!!!!!!!! :)

  7. Great post. Loved it - so true about letting the scriptures speak to us; I know people who prayed for me to hear... and I did! It was awesome.

  8. Patsy, what a blessing your blog is! Your illustrations are beautiful and you have picked such wonderful scriptures to illustrate. I hope you are planning to publish all this in a book someday.

  9. Yes, it is so good to have our ears open to hear God reminding us of scripture and deepening its meaning through all those good sources around us. Thanks for all you shared here.

  10. Your altered book is just beautiful and I look forward to seeing more pages...xx

  11. The painting of the first girl is especially great because she has her mouth open. That's so difficult to paint well. A big salute to you for that. But then, your work is always beautiful.

  12. Beautiful colors and lettering, Patty!
    The effort you put into these pages definitely shows! They shine!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  13. Love your cute depictions of the scriptures. I especially love the first one with the girl singing or talking.

  14. Beautiful creations, so vibrant and love your lettering! <3

  15. Another beautiful post. I love your art work. Perfect for the scriptures.
    Thank you for sharing again.

  16. I love to see your journal pages, Patsy! The two page spread at the top is beautiful. Visiting from Studio JRU today.

  17. Oh yes... HE can visit in so many ways. I just love that! I am loving the multi color lettering Patsy. Beautiful work!

  18. Beautiful pages!!! Some day I will have to do an altered book!

  19. Really love reading your reflection over God's words and your paintings. Really inspirational.

  20. Thr texture of thje first one is fabulous!!!!

  21. i love each of your lovely paintings
    but especially "he opened their minds
    to under stand the scriptures."

  22. Beautiful work! I love the verse from Proverbs... we all need more wisdom! Thanks for sharing...

  23. I love reading the Scriptures as God is showing me treasures and wisdom. I think it makes it much easier to be wise in our speech when we're filling our hearts with wisdom from the Word. As always your paintings full of truth and peace. Love that!

  24. Beautiful, fun, funny and inspiring.

  25. wow! i was always amazed with papemelroti. i've heard before that it is a family business with all of you doing/designing the art work. i'm so glad you visited and commented on my site. now i am putting you in my blog list. thanks.

  26. Everytime I meet strangers who sometimes need "help", I must confess that I always, always battle with myself whether to attend to them or not. In this days... it can sometimes get really scary with how people do different modus operandi to get their victims... it's sad that the world is turning into this :(

    Beautiful arts as usual!

    Spanish Pinay

  27. Awesome journaling, Patsy! ..and very inspiring =) Kathryn

  28. I really like your work. Just awesome. Love your journal pages. Happy weekend to you. Congrats on the commission too.


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