Friday, April 27, 2012


Here's what I've done lately.
I like making backgrounds and sometimes do
several at a time.
"I am blessed.
I am loved." 
is a collage on an acrylic background
on wall putty.
The background is quite easy to do 
and a lot of FUN!

After making marks on the background
with stencils, stamps, and sprays,
and bottle caps, textured coasters,
placemats, bubble wrap, etc.
I make designs with pencil and then outline it 
with acrylic.

I also like playing around with the apps
in my Itouch.
I used Photo Toaster and
Pixlromatic to change the colors for these !

So much fun looking at possibilities! 

And on my journal this morning 
I drew St. Paul.
He used to hunt Christians,
feel "murderous" towards them!
But God chose him anyway
to be an instrument to bring the 
good news to those who were
ignorant of it.

Here is proof that there is no one 
beyond the reach of God!
We all have possibilities!
It took St. Paul 10 years
before he was ready to go on
his first missionary journey,
and oh, what a journey it was!

I feel as if I'm on a journey too,
a different route certainly,
but still an adventure!
I do not know where it will lead,
all I know is that like St. Paul,
I walk with Him who called me first! 

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  1. This is absolutely gorgeous! LOVE the vibrant colors you've used! :) Amazing artwork!!! :)

  2. So funny: last Sunday, we talked about Paul in that same context. I received your message as confirmation that--at the point at which we invite Him in--God can always redeem. Jesus says over and over that many things are impossible with man...but nothing with God. Paul is proof, and so am I. Bless you, Friend.

  3. Those backgrounds are sooo effective and I really love the one in the orange and red colours... amazing... have a great painting week...xx

  4. I love the word possibilities! It's just so inspiring and protrays positivity to me. I love your art (as always and forever and ever amen :) ). I love the effects on the heart flower (or however it is called). If one day i brave to paint something myself, you are definitely my inspiration :)

    Spanish Pinay

  5. Beautiful artwork and loving your background. Happy PPF, Annette x

  6. Lovely creations ~ background is so interesting and dynamic and final results ~ Wonderful! ~thanks and namaste ^_^

  7. Isn't it fun to just play around in the studio. I love your creations. Beautiful work. Happy PPF

  8. Love your backgrounds, Patsy, and the faces are so beautiful. Faye

  9. Hi Patsy! Greetings from Soli Deo Gloria and South Dakota, USA! Thank you for visiting my blog this week. Fun that we are together in SDG small group, and I have visited you for Friday Sneak Peek's too with Studio JRU!

    I enjoyed your journal page on Paul. I am always amazed at the story of his life, and God specifically chose him to carry the gospel to as much of the world as he could get to. So much is missing from the story of Jesus in Paul, if we forget that he was once Saul.

    I look foward to being in our group together!

  10. I so love how you created the background, it always goes to show me that there are so many more things that I can do if I would only step outside of my little box more often! have a blessed day, waving hi from the bird chirping hills of North Carolina :)

  11. you re really a blessing to us readers and you inspires me a lot.

  12. the textured backgrounds you create are so bold and rich! and, by manipulating the colors digitally, you've managed to create completely different looks from one piece. brilliant! i'm going to check out those programs! thanks for sharing!

  13. are so inspiring Patsy!

  14. Lovely! Your backgrounds are amazing and I especially like her collar! So pretty!

    Happy PPF!

  15. These are wonderful! I love doing backgrounds too!

  16. Your backgrounds are fantastic, and they add so much depth to the figures you paint in the foreground.

  17. Lovely and sweet pieces, great work with the backgrounds!

  18. Patsy - I always get such a blessing when I visit your blog and see your latest art journaling. Paul is a good example of how God can transform lives in a mighty way. I really like your "I am blessed, I am loved" painting. God's love shines brightly through you. Thanks so much for linking this to Scripture Thursday. ~ Abby

  19. Your art work is beautiful. You are gifted in this area as well as sharing your journal thoughts... thank you for your post re: Paul... such an encouragement.

  20. Your work is beautiful & inspired :)

  21. I love all the colors and layers and textures you use in your backgrounds! So fun and so pretty! I always love seeing your beautiful journal pages. :)

  22. I love what you do lovely...and this"I walk with Him who called me first." blessings to you.

  23. Beautiful, Patsy!
    Love the background and lace color and portrait!
    I love working on several pieces at a time, too. :)
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  24. Love your art! And I never knew that it was 10 years of God preparing Paul before the missionary journeys. Gives me a little more patience in my process! :)

  25. Beautiful work. I've never tried wall putty for texture. I just might have to give that a try. I also have never tried digitally altering my art, but your result is so pretty, that I'm getting more tempted.

  26. Your page is gorgeous Patsy... I love your girl and the hearts in the background... and awesome digital effects too...

    Jenny x

  27. Hello Patsy!

    You say your art is easy but it looks very complicated and very beautiful to me! Perhaps it is easy to you because you are so gifted and talented. You totally lost me when you mentioned wall putty :)

    Your illustration of Paul is wonderful! I love you words, 'no one beyond the reach of God!

    Thank you kindly for sharing on Think on These Things!

  28. Thanks for taking us along on your picture journey. I love the backgrounds. Thank you for the explanations.

  29. WOW! so many things for the! It does look awesome!!!! The girl is so adorable too... Love your work:)

  30. Oh I love these, Patsy! Especially the first one. It's exquisitely beautiful.


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