Friday, April 06, 2012

PPF: It is Finished!

I finished reinforcing my endpaper 
in my Altered Book Lover,
which I started because of the 
amazing Elizabeth of Altered Books.
She teaches many things,
including how to get started
So far, that's where we are.

I'm sorry, Elizabeth, I'm not a 
very good student!
I get so happy painting and pasting!
You've got some wonderful students 
who are really great at 
following directions! 
I covered this page with gesso first,
and then used gel medium,
glue stick and white glue to attach
my collage elements.
All of them worked fine! 

Today is Good Friday and 
the reading for today is from John 18 and 19
about the Crucifixion of Jesus.

Jesus uttered, "It is finished,"
after three hours on the cross,
three hours of darkness.

Leonard Ravenhill, an evangelist, wrote:
There was an historian in Egypt
at the time who wrote this, 
"In this awful mid-day 
that has become midnight,
either God is suffering or 
Somebody He loves is suffering."
That was pagan testimony.

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  1. Oh I love your painting. The Great Mary and Mary Magdalene nursing Jesus Christ's wounds. Yes, "It is finished." Excellent work. Happy PPF and have a wonderful Easter.

  2. Beautiful work in your altered book, and your painting. Have a wonderful Easter!

  3. Your altered book is looking brilliant and am totally loving your beautiful painting. Happy PPF and have a blessed Easter, Annette x

  4. Your altered book is lovely - I really like the effect of the script showing through the pretty lady's face!

  5. Beautiful work this week and I am loving the altered book......hope you have a happy and safe Easter...xx

  6. I think classes are about the experience of getting inspired and learn new things. :) You don't have to do exactly what the teacher says. Looks fantastic! Happy Easter! :)

  7. Wonderful creation ~ altered book is so creative and well done ~ shows you love creating it ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^

  8. Great idea about the altered book Im planning to try it out from the link you posted!

  9. Beautiful, inspiring pages, as usual. I'm not sure who Elizabeth is, but I think you're a wonderful student. I hope you have a wonderful Easter!

  10. Beautiful work on the altered book, very original and creative! Your painting is marvelous! Happy PPF!

  11. You are so good in painting allligning them with God's words

  12. Beautiful page and a very apt painting for today.

    I always wondered about glues...

  13. Your book looks terrific. This must be a great class.

  14. Beautiful work! Happy Easter and Happy PPF

  15. Patsy, your pages to your AB are stunning!! I love your painting, and am looking to see what else you create! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  16. Patsy, thanks so much for adding your art to Scripture Thursday. Such an important remembrance weekend for mankind. Your art depicts it beautifully. ~ Abby

  17. Thank you so much for commenting on Saved by Grace! Your art is amazing. I am so thankful that "It Is Finished."
    May you have a blessed Resurrection Sunday!

  18. Wow, it's so great to find you and your exquisite artwork and inspiring words. Thank you.

  19. I would say that was a terrific way to get all the assignment together at once. Glad all those glues worked for you. But, which did you prefer? You probably already knew before you started the assignment.

    Have a wonderful Easter.

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  21. God has blessed you with a great talent and you honor Him with using it for His glory! You are a blessing!

  22. I had never heard those thoughts expressed by the Egyptian at the point of Christ's death. Thanks for sharing this incredible testimony!

  23. Congratulations on finishing your altered book!
    It looks great!!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  24. Interesting, I took a look at the tutorial. Cannot imagine all that time, toil and trouble, but it looks great. Blessings, Janet PPF

  25. Beautiful journal pages. Happy Easter!

  26. Wonderful, and I liked the testimony from the pagan. Very interesting.


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