Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday?

Had to take  a picture of my desk fast this morning!
My sister Peggy shouted from next door:
prompting my son to come rushing in,
"Mom, did you hear Auntie Peggy shout WOYWW?"

It's a family affair!

Joining the lovely Julia for a 
peek at desks and projects!


  1. I knew you were sisters. I knew you lived in the same town. But I DIDN'T know you lived next door to each other. How fun is that!! Have a super WOYWW from # 9 this week!

  2. I love that everyone is so INTO WOYWW at your place! And what a treat to live next door to your sister! I love your busy desk! Have a great WOYWW!

  3. Good to have a support system! lol waving hi from the hills of North Carolina #51

  4. Now i know that peggy is your sister. No Wonder you are both talented. Hope to meet you one day pag Makauwi ko pinas:)

  5. It's so fun to visit your blog. Love your answering system too! lol needlewings#52

  6. Your desk truly looks so creative!!! Right so am I right in thinking that is Peggy Appleseed who is your sister? Oh it must be fun to have siblings who are into the same sort of things!!!

    Have a great week! #32

  7. You have no idea how happy that makes me! Insane isn't it!! Your desk looks as arty as ever - that picture of the figure in the swimsuit - it's quite beautiful.

  8. Woyww is pretty special when it is yelled from next door. I had no idea you lived so close. Sandra #63

  9. Didn't know you were sisters but I can see the family talent in both your art works. Love the idea of a sisterly WOYWW competition and your desk is beautiful as usual.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Ann B

  10. My hubby shouts have you done your tag on a Tuesday for the Tag Tuesday Challenge
    One I made earlier today

  11. Your desk is as creative as normal... great to hear your sister lives next door, Have a good week, Hugs May x x x No15

  12. How wonderful to have your sister next door! Mine lives 8 hours away but we talk and email so much it feels like we're together. :) Lovely busy desk!

    Susan #130-ish

  13. How lovely is that? You're so right, it IS a family affair and one that stretches all around the world :)
    Hugs, LLJ #3 xx

  14. Ah I see! I follow your sister so now I'm following you too. Great desk! Take care, enjoy WOYWW snooping! Love Zo xx 75

  15. So fun to live next door to your sister. Mine used to live down the street, but now is over 2 hours away.

  16. Hey! I didn't know you were sisters! That's so cool. I've often thought of how you often has a similar look and feel to your pieces. That's so great. I had family involved in today's WOYWW too. Lots of creative things piled on your desk today.

  17. Lovely work - thanks for sharing.


  18. Yes, WOYWW comes round so fast. Your desk is not too many layers deep this week. I love visiting you to see what is teetering precariously...

  19. Love all of your family support and enthusiasm! Thanks so much for sharing your lovely desk--it looks like the home of many great pieces. Happy WOYWW!

  20. That's so fun that you make woyww a family thing!

    #48, I think . . .

  21. Oh, you're sisters with peggy? And you live next to eachother? How cool is that!?! Talent obviously runs in the family!

    Happy WOYWW

  22. I love the idea that WOYWW has become a family affair! How sweet and cute :)

  23. Funny!! Reminds me of the Waltons..Great color in the background in right in front. Thanks for stopping by...Happy WOYWW

  24. Your desk looks so creative and colourful.
    I would love my sister to be so near to me. It sounds wonderful.
    Enjoy WOYWW :D

  25. Lovely, lovely creative space.

    kyla 127

  26. Fabulous workspace, thanks for letting us take a peek
    Sophie x

  27. Great busy looking desk! Lovely to make it a family affair!

    Happy WOYWW!

    Sheena (#161)

  28. I know Julia asked us to be shorter with our posts, and that is definitely short and sweet. Great workspace though, and good to be able to share it with family. Thank you for your visit this week and your kind comments. Have a good week. xx Maggie #2

  29. oh, how I wish my sister lived next door.......

  30. You're very lucky having your sister so near by and to share your love of crafting too. Glad to hear that your son gets involved too - LOL.

    Sorry for such a late visit to your desk this week, but thanks for your visit to mine too x

    Sherry - number 73

  31. Ha! Fun stuff! I love the bit about it's a family affair. Your art work is so happy and colorful! I bet yours is a fun household.


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