Friday, July 06, 2012

PPF: Are you a Prophet?

Time for another party!
And here is what I brought along!
My background.
Below is what I made of it.

"They shall wander in search of  the...
Word of the Lord."
Amos 8:12
How terrible it would be if we lived in 
one of those countries where we would be
imprisoned if we had the Bible in our possession!
But there are many countries like that even today!

There is a famine, not of food,
but of the Word!
In the book of Amos,
God said He will punish Israel,
for its sins
with a famine, not of bread,
but for hearing the Word of the Lord.
(Amos 8:9-12)

Amos said he was not a prophet, 
he was a shepherd!
We too may not feel
as if we are knowledgeable
or wise enough to be 
But if we pass on the Word of God
to others, build them up,
and encourage them,
(instead of talking about Tom and Katie
and Anderson!)
then we would be little prophets!

Thank you for all your visits
and wonderfully generous comments.
I know how difficult and time consuming it is
to leave a comment!
Sometimes it even disappears!
So as a sincere thank you for your kindness,
I thought of picking one of you every week,
to receive a little gift.

I sent  
Karen Smithey of Art in the Garage
her choice of ATC 
(she chose the one on the top left)
for her comment last week!

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  1. You are a master with backgrounds. They tend to be an obstacle for me! I love how you start with the background... I think I need to try that too.

  2. How interesting! I never thought of being a prophet like this before. Good words :)

    Carly @

  3. I love it! My hubby calls me a prophet sometimes! Inspiring as always...and beautiful.

  4. Great backgrounds. I have a hard time with that. I may watch you further and learn from you. Love how you tell a story with your work. Thank you. Great job.

  5. Beautiful pages! I love creating backgrounds also, and sometimes can't decide what to put on them. Happy PPF!

  6. Loving your beautiful pages. Happy PPF, Annette x

  7. I love what you've made here, but your words are even more powerful.

  8. The paintings are lovely - the word of God endures forever!

  9. Fabulous use of the background- the soft earthy colors give it just the right support for your image and message!

  10. Love your use of scriptures in your work! Happy PPF!

  11. Your pages are fabulous. The backgrounds are truely beautiful. Happy PPF

  12. I love how you combine your art with so many layers of color, texture and words- always beautiful!
    Happy PPF,

  13. Quite right, we are in the world, but not of the world and it's devices to manipulate and trick. The journal page is beautiful and a rendition of your words. Blessings, Janet PPF

  14. Love the photo with the 6 prints in it... the top left one is amazing. You are so talented in your art and we are so blessed to share it with you!

    Wendy @ E1A (formerly ECTaS)!

  15. I just love your posts and art so much! Thanks for joining the Random Journal Day Linkup!

  16. You are doing the sharing and the inspiring. Keep it up. You have the gift.

  17. Absolutely wonderful creations ~ and you are so sweet to be giving away your very creative works ~~ thanks ^_^ (A Creative Harbor)

  18. What a beautiful piece, and the scripture is very thought provoking. Never has there been a generation that has as much access to the Word of G-d as our's. We are responsible for that...blessings are in His Word - L'Chaim!
    I found you through Faith-filled Friday, and I'll be back. Please stop by Gail-Friends and sit a spell.

  19. I am visualizing how colorful and artistic your workshop must be, and it's always a pleasure to get to take a peak. I love how you incorporated the patterned background into the final picture. Thanks for sharing these verses and visuals on B&BB. I pray you have a blessed week. Gail

  20. Art is such a marvelous medium to spread the Gospel with. Blessings!

  21. Wow...such fabulous cretaions! Love all the bright colors and delightful drawing... :)

  22. you are giving God the glory through your beautiful art work.

  23. I so love how your figures emerge from their backgrounds, Patsy!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  24. Lovely pieces - one and all! Very inspiring post!

  25. When I think of all the Bibles and translations I own I'm filled with gratitude. Even though the words they contain are the "joy and rejoicing of mine heart," I fear I don't treasure them enough. This set of your artwork is beautiful.

  26. You had my attemtion with your title! I have never thought about what defines a always your work is delightful.

  27. What lovely artwork and such sweet words of encouragement. I refer to it as being missionaries for Christ to my grandkids - whether we are sharing with a neighbor, a relative or someone around the world. But how fun to realize that we are also joining in with the prophets of old to share the awesome promises of God in the Bible. Thank you :) Have a blessed Spiritual Sunday!

  28. Thank you for sharing God's word through your beautiful art work again.

  29. I can not even imagine living where we could not have a bible. Can not imagine. Beautiful pieces, Patsy. Love all the textues, great colors and of course the wonderful message!

  30. Your work is always a delightful experience which lingers on !

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