Monday, July 02, 2012

Follow Me!

Today I read about how Jesus said to
one of His disciples in Matthew 8:22,
"Follow me, and let the dead bury the dead."
Jesus was emphasizing that we should know
our priorities, our purpose, our mission.
Then and only then will our schedules,
our plans, our responsibilities fall into the right places.

Yesterday, the reading was from the Gospel of Mark:
A woman who had been sick for 12 years
touched the edge of Jesus' clothes.
Jesus said, "Daughter, your faith has saved you.
Go in peace and be cured of your affliction."

On Saturday, the story was also from Matthew 8.
A centurion pleaded with Jesus to heal his servant.
He said that Jesus did not have to go 
to his home, but that He should only say the word,
and his servant would be healed.
Jesus was impressed with the centurion's faith.

I have been confessing healing verses
because my knee suddenly developed
what the doctor said was either
bursitis or bone necrosis.
It says in Proverbs 4:20-22
that the Word of God is medicine for our bodies.

We either believe that or don't believe it.
Do you?

Thank you for all your visits
and wonderfully generous comments.
I know how difficult and time consuming it is
to leave a comment!
Sometimes it even disappears!
So as a sincere thank you for your kindness,
I thought of picking one of you every week,
to receive a little gift.

This week, I'll be sending 
Karen Smithey of Art in the Garage
an email and ask her to choose from 
the ATCs above.

I love blog parties!
Won't you join us?
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  1. God's Word is powerful and active! Great way to use it! Thanks for your post, Patsy.

  2. Your art is amazing! Do you sell pieces?
    Yes, I do believe the Word heals!
    Thanks so much for your kind comment on my photo and verse.

  3. I love how you use your gift of art to convey His truth. Thanks for linking up and for all of your encouragement!

  4. I am sorry to hear about your disease, Patsy.Yes, I believe that God heals.Our family has experienced youngest sister when she was one was diagnosed with cancer and we brought her home with words from the doctor that she'll only be with us not more than a year.We continued our devotion to Nazarene and she is now a beautiful (inside and out) 3rd year college student :) You'll be in my prayers!

    Spanish Pinay

  5. God's Word is Medicine and confessing it is good. You may also want to make a tea with a Tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar and a Tablespoon of honey one cup daily. My Dr said Old age is doing this to me but we can use wisdom too.

  6. What a great blog post. I said a prayer for you today that you will be healed. I love the pictures, too. They are lovely!!! Hopping over from Playdates. Blessings from Zagreb - A Little R & R

  7. What terrific art you've created to go along with what you've been reading and heard and have learned!

  8. Such beautiful artwork Patsy! Yes, God is still in the business of healing!

  9. You amaze me again with your talent- the art and the words together are fantastic!

  10. Patsy--the pictures that pour out of you are such windows to God. and YES! Here's what I believe today:
    II Corinthians 5:21
    “God made him who had no sin to be sin for us,
    so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.”

  11. Patsy, you are such a gift. Oh, how your art blesses! I am praying for your knee, my friend. Feel better soon. Love to you.

  12. Your ATCs are beautiful, I like your free style a lot.

    Annie # 138

  13. This is my first time reading your blog and I am so amazed with your artwork. This is the kind of art that I dream about doing. I also have been reflecting on Sunday's gospel reading about the woman healed by Jesus by a single touch. Thanks for the visual to go along with the reading.

  14. Patsy -- I love your heart and I do believe that He can heal you. Praying for your knee, for total and complete healing, friend.

  15. Your artwork is so beautiful...just like your heart. Thank you for sharing. I will pray for you to be healed.

  16. We are neighbors at SDG. The story of a woman touching Jesus' cloak is a favorite of mine. His compassion and grace for her is evident. At a time when women were not considered important, He turned to her and made her important. Great post!

  17. Yes! I believe it and I am in agreement with you.

  18. Hi Patsy! LOVE your work and the messages they share. Have a great week ...

  19. Great works and verses this week! Have a blessed week!

  20. I have always love the story of the sick woman who reaches out and touches the hem of Jesus robe. I just read it this week, too.

  21. Anonymous4:43 AM

    Patsy, you blend your art with God's Word so well. Thanks for sharing it with us, ~ linda (SDG)

  22. Popping on from the Soli Sisters. I am enjoying your illustrations of Scriptural thoughts.


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