Friday, November 09, 2012

God's Touch

I've been busy carving stamps from erasers.
It's great to have your own images
 to make backgrounds with.

It shouldn't be a difficult thing to let
God into every part of your life-
He's already there! 

Just turn to Him from 
time to time during the day.
While you are working in the office,
washing dishes, playing with your lids,
making art, talking to a difficult person,
writing your blogpost,
say a little prayer of thanksgiving,
or lift up a call for help!

"Where these waters flow they refresh..."
Ezekiel 47:9

How good it is to make 
God a part of our life each day!
Like a constant stream of water that
passes through dry parched land,
that is our God's touch on our lives!
So don't forget to turn to Him.

"More things are wrought 
by prayer than this world dreams of!"
Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Every week I choose one wonderful
visitor who leaves a comment
to receive an ATC from me.
Aside from an ATC,
I'll give one handcarved stamp away
if you say you'd like one!

I know how much time and effort
it takes to leave a comment!
and I appreciate that soooo much!

This week Random Generator
chose #32, 
Christine is a Filipina too
and because of her blog has 
seen ordinary things 
in an extraordinary way.

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  1. Patsy: Your art is always a blessing and encourgement to me, and I'm so grateful for you sharing you talents with us each week. You are an encouragement to me, and I know to many other people as well. Thanks so much for sharing, and I hope you're having a blessed week!
    Karen L
    Word Art Wednesday

  2. Visiting you is like a breath of fresh air. It's been a challenging for me and I just sat and breathed in the beauty here. Yet, there is much more--the beauty from God's heart shows in your work and words. Thank you for the shelter I felt here.

  3. Loving your stamps. Great reminder to me to get back to carving some. Your art is so uplifting. Thank you.

  4. Words from heaven. Thanks and have a nice week end.

  5. More wonderful words. Do enjoy reading your blog and your artwork is wonderful. Hugs Anesha

  6. Great stamps and really lovely art work! :0)

  7. Your stamp carving is fantastic and your background continue to amaze me! Happy PPF!

  8. Fun stamp carving ~ done well ~ Lovely creations and words as always ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  9. What fun to create your own stamps. Beautiful work, beautiful words. Happy PPF

  10. Patsy, your blog is always a breath of fresh air! How is the world can you carve a face??? I have done leaves and flowers, but a face? What talent! I love what you have posted for today. It's beautiful.

  11. Patty your posts and art are always a treat to visit- so uplifting and yes, a reminder to be in gratitude for our many blessings.

  12. Well Patty you just made my day. Playing with your lids indeed. How did you know? I did stop and smile and thank God there were so many in the bottom drawerscattered all about. You work is profound in its very being. Thank you for sharing.

    Psalm 103 Blessings,
    Carole B
    Word Art Wenesday

  13. Great carving and loving your artwork. Happy PPF, Annette x

  14. the carvings look awesome and will add even more to your already delicious work... have a really special week...xx

  15. Found your blog from another who linked to you. LOVE your artwork, have become a follower & look forward to seeing more of your creations. Greetings from Canada, Shirley

  16. What delightful artwork, Patsy!
    Love that you are carving your own stamps, too!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  17. Your journal pages really have a message each time I come by.
    I love your stamps! I am just learning how to create them.

  18. Your art is amazing. And stamps, too! Beautiful.

  19. Your work is so interesting because it is original. Making your own stamps and forging your identity is brilliant. Blessings, Janet PPF

  20. Your work is beautiful! And I love the reminder that He is already there in every part of our lives. Blessings to you!

  21. I am so impressed with anyone who can carve stamps and still have all their fingers intact. I never could do that. Yours have so much detail, they are great.

  22. I love the first image. So true!

  23. Visiting from Faith Filled Friday - beautiful artwork - and enjoyed reading your thoughts about including God in our days, continually, throughout the day. So true!

  24. Beautiful reminder that He is already there!! Your stamps are fantastic! I need to get my supplies out and make some one of these days! :)

  25. Your quotations, words, and pictures are a blessing. Thank you.

  26. Thanks for the reminder that He is always with us. Love your art

  27. Hi Patsy...It's been a while, had been busy the past few weeks. Anyway, love your creations here. Carving your own rubber stamps from erasers. That for me is a big challenge...LOL Yet I know that God fully equipped you to do so. Thanks for blessing us with your artwork at Word Art Wednesday. God bless, always!

    JO ANN


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