Wednesday, November 14, 2012

WOYWW: Do We Thank God Every Day?

When I come down to my craft room, 
this is what my desk looks like-
I am making samples of Artist Trading Cards
for a workshop on Nov. 24.

And here are some samples I've prepared,
using pictures I've cut up from magazines
and painted over with acrylic paints.

For my faith journal,
I read about ten lepers who 
shout out to Jesus to heal them.
When Jesus instructs them what to do
and they get healed,
only one comes back to praise and thank Him!

Jesus says to the Samaritan who came back:
"Your faith has saved you!"
(Luke 17:11-19)

Are we like the nine who forget to thank God
when our prayers are answered?
Or do we remember to 
thank Him every day?
Perhaps we do not realize that 
God sustains us every day!
That God saves us every day!
For years, I used to have so many 
canker sores in my mouth-
it was difficult to talk,
it was difficult to sing!
And so now, because of that experience,
I praise and thank God that I can talk!

How many of us take for granted the grace of
being able to see?
being able to breathe without an oxygen tank?
being able to walk?
being able to use our laptops
without our fingers protesting in pain?
If we took the time to think about all
God gives us,
all He protects us from,
we will not stop praising Him!

God calls us to be His people,
and He wants to cleanse us,
to heal us,
to purify us.
(Titus 2:14)

Every week I choose one wonderful
visitor who leaves a comment
to receive an ATC from me.

I know how much time and effort
it takes to leave a comment!
and I appreciate that soooo much!

This week Random Generator
chose #19, 
Janet of  JKW Art.
Visit her blog to see her charming
childlike drawings.

Joining the lovely Julia for a 
peek at desks and projects!
I love blog parties!
Won't you join us?

Sometimes I put on my best pajamas 
and party here:


  1. Patsy, I have missed your blog most of all the last few weeks, so glad to be back. Your work is always such an inspiration. Thank you. #22

  2. great backgrounds in 1st photos and food for thought! Happy WOYWW! Lindsay #29

  3. Hello! I miss reading your posts lately...

    There are surely a lot of things to thank God for everyday.

    Blessings to you!

  4. Your post reminds me of the old hymn, "count your blessings," so very many things to be thankful for, yes?

    #41-ish this week

  5. Thanks, Patsy, for your inspiring post and for coming by to visit me already! Have a wonderful week! Darnell #42

  6. Lovely posting. One to be thankful for.
    Lynn //57

  7. beautiful post! Love the ATC's Thanks for sharing and have a great week. Vickie #63

  8. Wonderful ATC's. take care!! Helen, 3

  9. Gorgeous! Love the beautiful textured backgrounds. :)

  10. Gorgeous backgrounds and lovely images for those ATCs. Happy WOYWW!
    Alison x

  11. your backgrounds are the quartett alot!!

  12. As usual, your journal is so inspiring. Love the ATC's
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tertia #40

  13. I really do try to thank Him every single day, and to talk with Him every day, and to get in His Word every day, but thank you for reminding me of the importance of doing so. It's a blessing having people in my life who help keep me right with God and encourage me in the way I should go. Thank you for faithfully sharing at Word Art Wedneday and for being a source of blessing and encouragement to SO many people, Patsy. And may He also bless YOU as you draw nearer to Him.
    Love in Jesus,
    Karen L
    Word Art Wednesday

  14. Our pastor always tells us that being thankful will change our lives. I try to take time each day, each prayer, to say Thank You to my Father - although I will admit that sometimes it is a struggle.

  15. Thanks for the beautiful reminder to have a thankful heart. I try to be thankful for the little things even when the big things aren't going so helps me to have the strength to carry on. I am not always good at it, but I do try. I love your ATCs. Thanks for sharing. Caro #89

  16. I thank God everyday, even when it's a hard day, like yesterday. I got a speeding ticket, now it took somefiguring out how to thank God for that, I admit. But I did thank him for giving me the speeding ticket and reminding me to slow down! Drinking egg nog and waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  17. Wonderful! Love the ATC's x Laura #116

  18. Great work on your cleanse girl, faces and hands are always a challenge thanks for sharing with SMWYG!

  19. Pretty cool backgrounds on your desk. Happy WOYWW! Nan 103

  20. Lovely post as usual.


  21. Patsy, Your beautiful pictures/cards tell a story as does your exhoration to live a life of thanksgiving. Thank you for sharing with us again this week, we love it.
    Psalm 103 Blessings,
    Carole Robb Bisson
    Word Art Wednesday


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