Monday, April 08, 2013

No Ordinary Person!

"Perceiving the disciples Peter and John
 to be uneducated, unskilled
ordinary men,
the high priest, elders and scribes
were amazed and they recognized them
as the companions of Jesus."
Acts 4:13

Am I an ordinary person?
Other people may perceive me 
to be ordinary, for sure!
But I have inside me an indescribable joy,
like a fountain,
and I do believe it is because I know
the giver of that fountain!
Like Peter and John,
Jesus is my companion!
And that is why you can't stop me
from sharing about God-
I want everyone to have that same joy,
that amazing peace that does not 
depend on whether things around me are perfect!

"We celebrate the fact that we are so important to God
that He wants to be knitted to us
in an intimate, unbreakable bond."
from the (Word Among Us)
If we attach ourselves to Him,
as a branch attaches to the vine,
we will have that joy and peace
that He promises.

Just as Mary's YES
overturned centuries of sin,
our YES to God can unleash
a tidal wave of grace
in the lives of those around us.
(from the Word Among Us)

Let us say YES to God every day!
Like Mary, like Peter and John,
like Mother Teresa,
and countless saints,
we  can make a difference in this world!

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  1. Wonderful works of art. You nver fail to amaze. Thanks a lot for blessing us with your wonderful project this week at Word Art Wednesday. Have a blessed day!

    JO ANN

  2. Dear Patsy
    I linked-up after you at Jenn's! I just love your description of a tidal wave of grace. Yes, saying yes to our Lord is such a joy.

  3. I linked up after you over at Janis' Wednesday Word (Yes, I'm this late) and I'm so thrilled I stopped by! It's nice to meet you and this was absolutely lovely! I'm going to be thinking about this and seeing how I can apply it...thank you!

    All for Him with hugs to you,

  4. naughty comment box keeps disappearing!! Lovely arty work!! super colours!! Have a great crafty Week!! HaPPy WoYwW!

    ((Lyn)) #24


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