Friday, July 04, 2014

PPF: God in a Box!

 Ever since I can remember,
my mom would take things
that other people would throw
into the trash,
and she would transform it into
something useful, something she could sell
or something we could play with.

Scrap cloth would become stuffed toys.
I particularly remember a Santa Claus
with a bag full of gifts and miniature toys.
A toilet paper roll would become a doll.
A plastic bottle a piggy bank.
Seeds and twigs picked up from the ground
would transform into a beautiful wreath
someone would want to buy.
She taught us to look at things and see their potential.

 As Jesus passed by, He SAW a man named Levi.
He was a tax collector, and when other
people saw him, they despised him.
But Jesus SAW what Levi could become.
Jesus said, "Follow me."
Matthew 9:9
Levi followed Jesus and became
Saint Matthew!

Jesus sees our potential too!
He sees what we can become.
It doesn't matter what we or others
think of ourselves.
If we follow Jesus we can become saints too!

 "Unless I see...I will not believe."

John 20:25
How many of us are like St. Thomas, 
the doubting apostle?

The other day, a fire started 
in the restaurant just across 
our gift shop in Ali Mall.
I prayed and asked my 
Facebook friends to pray.
Many responded. Many prayed. 
My staff said when they left
the building, it was filled with smoke. 
I was filled with doubt. 
Was there any chance
God would spare our store?
That He would answer our prayers? 
Sometimes I have doubts
that God hears me.
But like Thomas, we need
only to come to Him with our doubts. 

Fr. Anthony of St. Mary Orthodox Church, 
said in his sermon,
"Doubts are the inevitable result
of faith growing beyond the
containers we put it in. 
God cannot be boxed or contained 
in concepts, words or dogma 
or anything, but we try so hard
to contain Him."

"I believe Lord! Help my unbelief!"
I am ecstatic that God answered our prayers
and the very next day, we were able 
to open our store!
No water damage, no smoke damage,
no nothing!!!
Thank you Lord, that even when I doubt,
you answer my prayers!!!

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  1. Wonderful post and art - your story reminded me of course of Shadrach and crew - when they were released they didn't even smell of smoke!

  2. So glad the shop was spared, Patsy. Your art is gorgeous. I especially love the painting of Thomas.

  3. Good outcome! What a marvelous array of Jesus! All look so detailed and wonderful. I like the idea of letting a victim of their environment redeem themselves like Matthew

  4. Praise the Lord for answered prayer, Patsy! This is a prayer I often pray, "Lord, increase my faith." The quote you shared is interesting. I will have to ponder it. Have a blessed weekend!!


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