Friday, July 25, 2014

PPF: Treasure in Earthen Vessels!

 "Two evils have my people done: 
they have forsaken me, the source of living waters. 
They have dug for themselves cisterns, 
broken cisterns, that hold NO WATER." Jeremiah 2:13
Imagine if you will, a people living beside 
a clean source of flowing, refreshing water, 
a river that will not run dry. 
That instead of drawing from this life giving water, 
they insist on building a cistern. 
A cistern is a waterproof receptacle usually used 
in an area with no source for water, to collect rain water. 
It should be kept clean for fear of contaminants from the ground.
In the same way, we usually make our own solutions 
to problems instead of turning to God and His Word. 
Just like the water in the cistern which can easily become dirty, 
 man's wisdom is often tainted with 
worldly ideas contrary to God's law. 
Let's make sure we draw from the source that never runs dry!

 It is the Feast Day of St. James the Apostle today. 
And it is so fitting that I read from 
St. Paul's 2nd letter to the Corinthians, v.7: 
"We hold this treasure in earthen vessels, 
that the surpassing power be of God and not from us."

Like St. James and all the other saints, 
 we are 'earthen vessels', fragile, weak, easily broken. 
And like St. James, we hold the treasure of God's Spirit, 
something more valuable than 
any gold or precious metal. 
From a man of quick temper and selfishness, 
he became a man who traveled long distances 
to preach the good news and was the 
first of the apostles to be martyred for Christ.
Nothing is impossible with God!

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  1. happy PPF Patsy ! lovely message and art work ...pleasing to the eye and soul -Kat-

  2. I loved what you said about the cisterns - wonderful message and artwork.

  3. Hi, You are invited to share this with Feline Art Friday:

  4. wonderful art work.

  5. There are so many places we attempt to draw sustenance from but there is only one that never runs out. Beautiful artwork and reflections shared.

  6. Very nicely done.

  7. I've always loved the idea of treasure in earthen vessels. These paintings are just lovely.

  8. So true! Why do we do that?

  9. Hi Patsy! It's an honor to have your post linked in my Beautiful Sunday series. I love your family and Papemelroti.

    Like St. James, I believe that each of us are powerful enough to overcome our weaknesses. We have our own potentials waiting to be unleashed. With God's grace and our perseverance, we will later realize that we can make great and wonderful things.

    Hope you are having a great weekend.


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