Wednesday, July 02, 2014

WOYWW: Let Justice Surge!

Happy desk hopping!
There is nothing remotely interesting on my desk...

except maybe this brush 
which has served me well.
It used to have a really sharp point
but now as you can see,
I'll have to use it for something else!

For WIYLRW, or
What's in Your Living Room Wednesday,
I'm showing and telling my sister Peggy's cat,
Truffles, watching the France- Nigeria 
football game on the living room wall!

 I made a lot of backgrounds last weekend
to replenish my stock and to
exchange with someone's gelli plate prints.
Unfortunately, I am so mixed up
and disorganized, I cannot remember who!!!
I am hoping she wanders her way to my blog
and reminds me!!!

 Today I read from the prophet Amos.
"Let justice surge like water,
and goodness like an unfailing stream."
Amos 5:24

 We have seen how water,
even a trickle, can erode rock.
6 million years ago,
the Colorado River started flowing south
through rocky Arizona on its way to the ocean.
The water broke away bits and pieces
of sun baked soil and rock,
and along with wind and ice,
formed the Grand Canyon.
That took a loooong time.

Sometimes, when we do something good
it takes forever to see some results.
When we follow Jesus,
we have no choice but to be like water.
Maybe a trickle, maybe a surging river.
We have to get involved in other people's lives
because there is so much around us 
that needs to be done.

Usually we get involved when there's a calamity,
but how about afterwards?
How about helping the man 
who just got out of jail
after being falsely accused of raping 
a mentally handicapped girl?
How about a man who can't afford 
to have dialysis once a week?
How about a neighbor who is lonely?

 If we think about how much 
need there is in our society,
or even in our neighborhood,
we can be paralyzed by inaction.
Let's just think of ourselves like 
the trickle of water that erodes hard rock
and brings freshness and life into parched land!

"You alone have I favored, more than all the families
of the earth..." but this line continues,
"therefore I will punish you for all your crimes."
Amos 3:2

This is what God said to His chosen people, Israel.
This reminds me of the complaint
of St. Teresa de Avila about God's treatment of her.
God said, "Teresa, whom the Lord loves,
He chastises. This is how I treat all my friends."
And she replied, "No wonder you have so few!!!"

I find the history of Israel fascinating.
The story of how it became a nation in 1947 is a miracle
as so many were against it.
The Philippines cast the deciding vote in the U.N. 
in favor of Israel's statehood.

In the 1800s, Israel was a desolate land. 
Mark Twain called it, "repulsive and dreary, barren."
But just as the prophets Ezekiel and Isaiah
and Zechariah prophesied, Jews from all over
have come back to their homeland,
and its deserts are blooming, 
its wastelands are like the gardens of the Lord.

"Israel will bud and blossom 
and fill the world with fruit,"
Isaiah 27:6. 
Israel which has been barren for centuries,
now exports not only fruit, but also technology 
to many countries of the world.

But most importantly,
it is the birthplace of Christianity.
And yes, faithful Christians, 
pruned and chastised by the Lord,
have filled the world with fruitfulness!!!



  1. hullo Patsy lovely fun going on desk, wodnerful post and images shared.. thanks so much for being a blessing,. Happy WOYWW Shaz in oz.x no number yet

  2. Beautiful artwork Patsy and thanks for linking up over at WholeHearted Home.

  3. the gelli backgrounds look great - hope you find who you're trading them with! Happy WOYWW Helen 2

  4. Hi Patsy, again beautiful artwork Happy WOYWW and have a super week RobynO#8

  5. Truffles shadow makes him look like Batman! I love the backgrounds..the addition of the scripty pieces makes me warm inside! I like the paper that your not-very-pointy paintbrush is resting on - anything like that really appeals to me.

  6. Not sure how you can say there is nothing remotely interesting on you desk. It's a piece of art in itself!
    I love your backgrounds and hope you remember who you're swapping with. They'll miss out if they don't get them!
    have a lovely week
    Gillian #28

  7. Lovely artwork and thoughts there, Patsy.
    Have a special week with Jesus.
    Margaret #9

  8. Happy WOYWW great space TFS xx Jan (45)

  9. Lovely post as always. I enjoy seeing your artwork. I liked seeing the start of your justice like water painting on top the magazine. I thought you were incorporating her into your design somehow. I enjoyed the cat watching TV as well. I wonder who she is rooting for?!

  10. Hello Patsy it's lovely to see your wonderful artwork and hear your words. Happy WOYWW Anne x #32

  11. Gorgeous art work, you are a very talented lady. Happy crafting and have a good week, Angela x #48

  12. Thanks for linking up your beautiful inspiration at Random Journal Day, Patsy! God continues to pour out grace, truth and beauty from you daily!

  13. Your pages are beautiful! Love the backgrounds you made!

  14. Hi Patsy,
    For some reason when I tried to open your blog it froze up my computer (three times). Finally, I was able to see your entire post.

    Your journal pages are beautiful. I like the one with her head bowed in prayer.

    Happy belated WOYWW
    Peace, Kay (60)

  15. I found your link on RJD at Enthusiastically Dawn. I like your text about the Israeli Statehood. God has been good to them and kept them safe all these intervening years.

  16. Hi Patsy! Thanks so much for sharing your art and your heart once again. You are such a blessing to me.
    Word Art Wednesday

  17. Anonymous4:39 AM

    I like the meandering flow of your blog post this water trickling through the internet to refresh my soul! Beautiful!


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