Wednesday, July 09, 2014

WOYWW: The Lost Sheep

This is what I left on my desk last night.
I painted something and 
glued it on fabric,
and now I am making a fabric collage
out of tea dyed fabric and laces.

I think it's coming out nicely.
The bits and pieces are parts of
an old tablecloth, and old dresses.
Thought it was time to use 
my rising pile of fabric!!!

"The harvest is abundant 
but the laborers are few." 
Matthew 9:38

I believe we live in exciting times! 
We don't even know 1/1,000,000th 
of what's happening now 
and I am already excited. 
God is doing amazing things! 
Muslims seeing Jesus in dreams! 
Jews getting to know the Messiah 
they've been waiting for!
Healings, miracles, prophecies!

The harvest is abundant...
and the laborers are fewer than ever. 
Ric Warren says there are FAR MORE people 
in the world ready to receive 
Christ than there are 
believers ready to witness to them! 
To be a laborer in God's harvest, 
we need to look at what we have 
in our hand and use that. 
The same way that a fisherman will use bait 
appropriate to the fish he wants to catch, 
we need to use our God-given bait, 
our gifts, interests, talents and abilities. 
Are we interested in dieting, biking, 
hula hooping? Whatever. 
We need to use it, 
maybe get a group together 
and use our creativity 
to bring in the harvest!

 Easier said than done.
Someone texted me yesterday,
asking for help for some financial need.
I was tempted to just leave the money
and not talk to the person
because I don't particular like him/her.

But after reading this verse this morning,
I can't take the easy way out!

 "Do not go into pagan territory
or enter a Samaritan town.
Go rather to the lost sheep 
of the house of Israel."
Matthew 10:6

This means that we don't have to look far
to share the love of God with others.
Sometimes, they come to you!



  1. Such pretty creations you've made hugs Nikki no # yet

  2. I'm loving your fabric work. So beautiful #7

  3. Love what you made with the fabric bits of dress etc! I find it inspirational! Thank you
    Jackie 10

  4. I have not tried creating tea dyed fabric.The collage is beautiful.

  5. Beautiful fabric collage. Always inspiring here at your blog.
    Here from WOYWW.
    Cathy #61

  6. Beautiful collage and message.
    Krisha #64

  7. Oh, well done, Patsy. Some fabric work on the go... Enjoy. Good thoughts this morning - how true we don't have to look far to find people in need of the Good News which is Jesus.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #15

  8. Wow! what an amazing artist you are!! and a sister in Jesus too?!! woo hoo you said it well Jesus wants to find us watching for His soon return! I can hardly wait for Him!!: )

    Have a blessed day.


  9. Gorgeous collage, it's so nice to use pretty pieces of fabric which would otherwise be lost forever.
    Have a lovely week and happy crafting, Angela x #41

  10. Hi Patsy, Happy WOYWW - gorgeous works of art. Cheers and have a great week RobynO#28

  11. I love your creation and your words of wisdom and scripture!

  12. I love readings your posts. I would love to know how tea stained fabric works? Is it washable?
    I too sent money to a person who needed it this week. She is a friend that I have never met, but have grown close to over four years online and she is finishing up college and getting her first apartment and her first car and had a bank balance of 8 dollars saved up for her first months rent. While I definitely could have used the money she NEEDED the money and she was scared to ask, but when I offered she began to cry and accepted. She cried because she said no one, not even family, has ever so willingly given her something. She said she would pay me back and I told her that God says "Owe debt to no one" and to "forgive debts" that the money was hers. She was so happy and relieved by not feeling the pressure of "owing" me she was laughing and crying in thanks. That's what this whole God thing is about isn't it? Sharing? Giving? Loving? I don't go to church but I make an effort to pray on and ask God where He would like me to place my tithe each month, sometimes its in the form of tips, or artwork or buying a homeless person a meal and othertimes its sending a bit of money to a friend so she can eat and not have to be so scared of what tomorrow will bring. Thank you for sharing!

  13. Your art is just amazing, Patsy! You inspire me and bless me and I'm praise God for you!
    Word Art Wednesday

  14. Beautiful artwork and inspiring words to spread His good news. Thank you for sharing with TWW. Blessings.

  15. I love these new pieces Patsy. It is indeed exciting times we live in. I keep looking up, expecting to see the Lord's feet descending from the clouds at any moment! Thank you for sharing it at What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have a great weekend! ~Deborah

  16. awesome works! I agree that it is exciting times we live in. Have a great week and thanks for sharing. Sorry I am so late getting around but it was the only available time! Vickie #82

  17. This is a great post.
    Someone told me my blog is a ministry.
    There are so many ways to minister, we are without excuse.


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