Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Blessed and Rejoicing

"Blessed are you who believed..." 
Luke 1:45

There are many passages to reflect on in Mary's Magnificat, the song about how God fulfilled His promise to Mary and to His people throughout generations and generations. Indeed Mary, the mother of Jesus would have plenty to ponder but she chose instead to focus on God and His mighty deeds. She is blessed because she trusted that God's words spoken through an angel would be fulfilled. She is blessed because she has not seen the fulfillment of God's promise but she is already proclaiming, confessing, that all ages to come shall call her blessed. It's like she has a bubbling brook of joy gushing forth from her being. She cannot help it. She has to thank God and say, yes, You have done great things for me!

How about us? What do we think about? Do we spend most of our time stewing over hurts? Do we go over and over again the times people have said mean things to us? Do we spend more times complaining about our problems and challenges and too little time focusing on what God has done and will do in our life? There is a fountain of joy waiting to gush forth from us if only we seek to dwell by God's side and not wallow in the squatter's hut. What are the amazing things our Father has in store for us? Like Mary, let us meditate on that! 

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