Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Easy Peasy Notebook

I've been sewing a lot of these scrap fabric collages (below)
and turning them into purses.
For some instructions, you can read The Bohemian Project.

This time I decided to make a journal and 
I chose the top left soft leather one. 

We only need some thick paper or cardboard for the cover, 
and paper for inside pages. 
We also need either string, leather or elastic cord 
to attach the pages to the cover. 
For tools, be sure to have a pair of scissors, some mini clips, 
and a glue gun on hand. 

Cut the cardboard a little smaller than your cover. 

Make a little notch on each of the four corners. 

Clip the fabric to the cardboard to keep it from moving. 

Carefully glue the edges to the cardboard. 

It's going to look something like this. Don't worry if there are some imperfections, it adds to the charm. That's what I always tell myself anyway!

Next cut a piece of paper to cover the inside cover and glue on. 

Choose different kinds of paper to make your journal. 
I like mixing different kinds of paper to make 
a more interesting journal. 
I'm going to put thicker paper for 
drawing and painting on, 
parchment paper and card stock. 

After I've chosen the papers, I cut them to fit. 

After cutting, I fit them into the journal 
to see how many pages I can insert. 

Attach the pages to the cover by putting a cord  
down the center page, around the cover, and tying it. 

You can add more signatures to your journal 
by making more sets of paper and tying it in the same way. 

If your journal opens up, you can always 
add a tie to keep it closed. 
Or, you can sew a button and a tie at the back. 
It all depends on what materials and junk you have on hand. 

Happy notebook making! 

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