Saturday, August 26, 2017

Don't Follow My Example

"Practice and obey whatever they say to you but don't follow their example." Matthew 23:3

Imagine if Jesus was here with us, and He would say, "Practice and obey whatever Patsy writes, but don't follow what she does!" What a blow that would be to me! But that is exactly what Jesus told the crowds following Him around, including His disciples. He said that they should do and observe what the teachers of religious law, and the Pharisees, taught but they should NOT follow their example. 

Each one of us has a personal call from God, a unique call. He speaks to us in different ways, and asks us to spread His good news in our own way as well. We have to each read His Word, and claim our calling for ourselves. We journey together like pilgrims on a narrow road. It is a joy to have sisters and brothers traveling with us.  None of us are perfect, like the Pharisees, and we should follow what is right and true and reject what is false teaching, even if most of our friends proclaim it on Facebook or Twitter. 

Lord, may we read Your Word every day. May we learn how to think like You, love like You, and serve like You. May we not fall prey to the many with strong voices today who reject You and Your Word. 


  1. Lovely thoughts to begin the day with. Thank you and have a great day!

  2. Hello!! I'am glad to read the whole content of this topic and am very excited.Thank you.


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