Sunday, August 27, 2017

How Deep!

"How deep are the riches and the wisdom and the knowledge of God! How inscrutable His judgements, how unsearchable His ways!" Romans 11:33

Sometimes I lay awake at night thinking about a problem and realize I just don't have the tools, the kind of mind needed to solve it. I have to turn to God. He has never failed me. I cannot imagine living a life where I did not have God to turn to. 

We don't know the future. One day we feel fine, the next day we have to bend over in pain. How do we know if all the awful things we read about the food we eat, the detergent we use, the radiation from cellphones and microwaves, are true? What if we had something growing inside us and one test would save us from years of pain and suffering and expense? But what medical test is that? How do we nurture good, real relationships with everyone we love? Relationships take time and sometimes there's not enough time for work, for community, for service, for cleaning out my junk.... 

That's why we need God. We can let go, and let God do the rest. After all, He said, "Be still, and know I am God." If we really know, we will let Him BE GOD. The Master of our lives, the weaver of our future, the Shepherd who does not sleep. 

A few weeks ago, I could not sleep because of another BIR problem. God told me to pray together, "there I am in Your midst". So when our accountant came, I called her and my sisters together, and we all prayed. Thereafter I could sleep peacefully. The problem was in the hands of the God of the Universe. I do not need to be brilliant. I do not need so much wealth. I do not need to have connections. My God has all the riches and wisdom and knowledge I need!  

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