Monday, October 30, 2017

Badly Stooped

“She was badly stooped, quite incapable of standing erect.” Romans 8:11

When Jesus was teaching in one of the synagogues one Sabbath, He saw a woman who was so badly stooped, she could not stand erect. He called her to Him and healed her. 

Many people are bent over with pain, suffering with innumerable trials, and unlike the woman, we do not see it. Here in the Philippines, we have a lower suicide rate than other countries, but an average of seven suicides a day is seven too many. It doesn’t seem to matter if one is a millionaire or a pauper, highly educated and skilled, famous, surrounded by family, young, old, good-looking or not. Sadly, more and more people these days think of ending their life. 

Usually, psychiatrists treat depression as a chemical imbalance and use “biologically based intervention” prescribing antidepressants. But there is a second way which is not a quick fix via drugs but is found to be more effective. Listening and talking to someone who feels down, empathizing, and trying to understand will help move the person to a more positive mindset. I believe praying with and praying over the person, calling on Jesus who never fails to heal the broken hearted, can open the door to healing. 

It is known that President Abraham Lincoln battled depression and thoughts of suicide for most of his adult life. He would get especially melancholy at times of great stress, and there were many of that in his life. This is from an article about Lincoln’s depression: “According to General James F. Rusling, Lincoln said that during the fighting at Gettysburg he turned to prayer, felt the whole thing to be in God’s hands, and “somehow a sweet comfort crept into his soul.” 

At another time, his wife’s dressmaker noticed that the President had a very sad face, and his step was very slow. He had just come from the War Department, and the news was “Dark, dark, dark.” He sat in the corner and read from the Book of Job in the Bible for some time. After a while, his face became more cheerful. 

God said in Isaiah 55:11 that His Word will not return to Him until it accomplishes the purpose for which He sent it. If we need hope, peace and joy for living, let us turn to the God who is the giver of every good thing. But most especially, let us be more sensitive with those around us who need our support and understanding.  

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  1. Wonderful painting. You really captured the emotion in her face.


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