Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Found Ready

“It will go well with those servants whom the master finds awake on his return.” Luke 12:37

No one knows the day and the time when the Messiah returns, except the Father (Matthew 24:36), so it is amusing when a date comes up like it did recently. Some believed that September 23 was D-Day because Niburu, a planet which has been debunked by NASA as a hoax, was headed towards a collision with earth. Ever since Jesus was crucified, many have been waiting for Him to come again.

In Matthew 12:35-38, Jesus tells His disciples that they had to be like servants waiting for their master’s return from a wedding. It will go well with them if he finds them awake and ready to do his bidding. Alas for those who are sleeping!  

It’s hard to wait. I am not very patient and I usually find things to do while waiting in the bank or the doctor’s office. I usually bring what we used to call a “torture kit”. It could be a book, drawing materials, or a pair of scissors and cloth that I would cut designs out of. But waiting for Jesus is entirely different. We can’t use a “torture kit” to while away the hours, days, months, years, decades, we have before His return. We have to use our time profitably, meaning like good servants, we have to do the work He wants us to do. We can’t choose what we want to do. But the Master left a whole manual of instructions. We just have to read it and obey. 

It’s much like the manual my sister Peggy wrote for our sales staff to follow. It’s very detailed. When we go on store visits, we check on how the store looks, how the staff behave, and if there is plenty of stock of the merchandise. Most of the time, it goes well for the staff, but once in a while, some get a lecture. When Jesus comes again, and we are found “sleeping”, I doubt if it’s just a lecture we will receive! 

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