Sunday, October 15, 2017

The Feast

"Come to the feast." Matthew 22:4

It's almost always exciting to go to a wedding feast. You know you're going to be among friends, eat fine food, and most of all, you will be with the bride and groom and delight in their joy. 

Jesus in Matthew 22, likens the reign of God to a wedding banquet given by a king for his son. It's so depressing that the king prepared the best foods and wine, and his guests preferred to work! He invited people who did not think his invitation to be with him was wonderful! 

God is inviting each of us to His party as well. We cannot imagine the glorious experience that awaits us in His home. But some of us, instead of preparing our appropriate garments, prefer to work, work, work, or play, play, play, without thought for the eternal future that we all have to face one day. Although we are all invited to Heaven, we cannot get in if we are not fitly dressed in the clothing of salvation and the robe of Christ's righteousness (Isaiah 61:10). 

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