Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Blessed, Broken and Given Away

“The Kingdom of God is like yeast...” Luke 13:21

What a thing to compare the Kingdom of God to! Of all things, yeast, that tiny, tiny fungus! But even tiny fungi has a purpose in the Universe. This first singe-cell microorganism was around hundreds of millions of years ago. It is used to leaven bread, and having good yeast is essential if we want to make great bread. 

Each one of us can be considered tiny, unimportant, inconsequential in God’s grand scheme of things. But like He told Jeremiah, before God formed us in our mothers’ womb, He set us apart, He already knew our purpose and had a plan for us. We may think we cannot do much, but each action we take has a consequence. We can choose to be indifferent, or we can choose to love. We can be salt and light and leaven, or we can add to the misery of the world. We can be God’s hands and feet, His mouth even, in this broken world. Yes, let us make the best bread ever, blessed, broken to be given away! 

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