Tuesday, June 04, 2019

A Dream and a Vision

“I am not responsible for the blood of any of you, for I did not shrink from proclaiming to you the entire plan of God.” Acts 20:27

Saint Paul was a brave man, a man with a vision and mission and purpose. Even if he was tortured, imprisoned, beaten almost to death, he did not shrink from what he believed he had to do. There are very few of us who are like that. A little disappointment, a little detour along the way, and we may give up and say, “I did all I could. There is nothing more I can do.”  

Yesterday my family and I watched “Quezon’s Game”, a movie about Manuel Quezon, the second president of the Philippines, and how he and his poker buddies were able to save 1,200 Jews from extermination by the Nazis. How does one differentiate a statesman from a politician? Perhaps a statesman has a mission and a dream bigger than himself. He leaves a legacy where he is able to move a whole people to believe in the same good thing, and act to make it happen. Obstacles face them left and right but they don’t give up. 

We too need to have a dream and a mission and a purpose bigger than ourselves in line with what God wants us to do. That way we will certainly see God move and we can accomplish what we thought we couldn’t! 

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