Wednesday, June 12, 2019

WOYWW: You Fool!!!

I’ve been carving erasers to use on my canvas, to make marks on it. 

This is how my canvas looks now. 

“Whoever is angry with someone will be liable to judgment.” Matthew 5:22 

Jesus also said, “Whoever says, ‘You fool’, will be liable to the fires of hell.” I do not know what it is about social media, but people can get really nasty in making comments about the silliest things. I like Downton Abbey and I follow the Facebook group on all things Downton. You would think people who like Downton Abbey would be gentile, respectful of others, careful about what they say, but recently, because President Trump visited the Queen of England, Word Wars have erupted in different fronts!!!! It was absurd reading how people could insult strangers at the flimsiest of excuses! 

Prior to the Philippine elections, there was a lot of mudslinging, irrational commenting and lying. It was very tempting to join in the fray because that is what the “other side” with all its taunting, wanted. We have to remember that the “other side” is always the devil and his cohorts. Our enemy is like a prowling lion on the look out for our weaknesses. 

Come Holy Spirit! Help us to see our enemy clearly, and not fall prey to his many traps! 

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