Friday, June 03, 2011

Look what I did with Scraps!

I like making flower collages out of scrap cloth,
old buttons, pearls, and other stuff I find in my stash.
You can pin it to a blouse,
bracelet, necklace, headband or hair clip.
You could use it to decorate a frame, box,
mirror, tray, bottle or a corkboard.

Want one?
Leave a comment below
telling me what you'll use it for.
And tell me which one you like.
I don't know how you'll identify it,
be imaginative! :^)
I'll use a random thingamajig
to choose a winner or two.

And here's my Barbie doll.
Dug her out of my closet to show the dresses
I made for her from scrap cloth.

I've forgotten how much fun it was to make
these dresses.
I also made her a purse
which really can hold a miniature
hanky or something!
I've given away some dresses to little girls
who have Barbie dolls,
and have misplaced some.
Maybe I'll start making again!

I also use a lot of scrap paper in my journal.

Yesterday's reading was about
comparing our trials to the labor
of a woman giving birth.
After the hardship there is joy
because of the baby.
After suffering there is joy.
There is always good fruit in trials
if you keep your faith and hope in God!

And for today's reading,
I was able to draw the Holy Spirit.
I have to confess though that I copied
one of my brother's drawings.
It's very difficult to draw birds.
I'm practicing now.
Like I practiced drawing hands for two years!
I can say that I can now draw a passable hand!
Practice makes well, not yet perfect,

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  1. I love the one with the two orange flowers and the pink rose. It would look perfect pinned on to the dreary grey softboard above my desk at the workplace. Orange somehow brightens the day.

  2. Beautiful hand made flowers! I love them all but especially the ones with pearls. Learning how to make fabric & paper flowers are on my "Learn To Make" list. I've been collecting blog links for making all kinds of hand made flowers, now I have yours too. I'd use the flowers on some type of a collage but they could be used so many ways. :-) I follow you and have your blog listed in the side bar of my blog. Love the name of your blog too!

    DeeJae (Deb)
    altered heART works

  3. Id copy that bird too - it really is gorgeous. It must be fun to have additional talented individuals around you to feed your creative spirit. I have a stash of scrap fabric that I will have to try my hand at making into roses. I'm a fan of "Out of the Sublte Shades of Two Blossoms Pearls of Wisedom" (that would be the two neutrel roses with pearls to the left of the heart. I also love the "Wild Passionate Heart"

  4. OH these are SO pretty! I love that you added some pearls, etc. -- makes it look so 'vintage'. I'm drawn to the 'top-beigy one' sandwiched between the two with color.

  5. Hi Patsy! Your blog is beautiful, I love your work, I am a new fan now! :D

  6. Oh my God, Patsy, your creative is high up to heavens literally! I loooove your works! :)

    Spanish Pinay

  7. I meant to say your creativity! It's 1.43pm here so my brain is not kicking anymore LOL

    Spanish Pinay

  8. Those rosette are absolutely beautiful Patsy!

  9. Opps! I meant to say: I love them all but especially the one with three flowers and the heart shape and pearls. :-)

    DeeJae (Deb)
    altered heART works

  10. Patsy! Your scrap flowers are beautiful - such detail! Lovin' your clothes you made for Barbie! Her little dress is my favorite with her pearls! Have a joyous day! xxoo

  11. wow, Patsy they are all gorgeous. and loved the barbie dolls. how I wish, my old barbie doll is still alive to this day. I only have one then and had to pass it on to my sister and much to her liking gave it a new haircut. And I don't know what happened to her now.

    for the brooch, I love the pink and red with teal blue leaf. and if it is gone, I'll take the gray and cream on the upper left (beside the orange rosettes).

    thank you so much.

  12. I love everything, great inspiration thanks for linking up to scrappy saturdays! Those barbie dresses are awesome:)

  13. Hi Patsy. I love all the brooches! You know that, have bought several in Papemelroti. I buy quaint brooches especially vintage and artsy pieces. I use them for the ff: fashion accessories (esp with solid black or white T-shirts, for hats, hair accessories, bags with a scarf) and also to wrap gifts.

    Lovely pieces =) Sana

  14. They are all so very beautiful!!!! You have a real talent for the fabric flowers! Thank you for sharing them.

  15. How I wish I had barbie dolls when I was a kid!
    So I just bought for my daughter. I love how you dressed them. I love all the brooches!


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